Australian IT Sector is in Need of Workers

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why do not you make most the opportunities at the right time? For the uninformed, various cities in Canada and Australia are in dire need of skilled workers. But, the recent news would definitely turn your heads and lure you to take the plunge to immigrate.

The Information Technology industry in Australia needs many thousands skilled people. India being one of the top countries to export IT talent abroad can make most the situation the IT sector in the land of Kangaroos is currently facing. According to study, Australia is requiring some 15,000 workers who are skilled in computer software, as well as hardware.

Labor shortages are contemplated in various sectors, other than IT. As per forecast, by the year 2015, Oz will need nearly 10,000 additional professionals and some around 8000 workers in communications technology sector. The figures are welcoming to foreign nationals who have plans for immigration. With this detail, Australia would certainly top their priority list.

In the meantime, with the new budget in place Australia has come up with many initiatives to cater to its labor shortages by facilitating various training programs for people intending to work in the country. Immigration has been a major focus in the country’s current budget.

Australia offers many route for foreign nationals to immigrate. Whether you are intending to immigrate to the country under skilled worker program or under business categories, things should not be that difficult, given you start the process under the guidance of an immigration and visa consultant. For free assessment of your credentials and professional profile, send you updated resume to [email protected].

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