Australian Visa Subcategory 188: An Outline

One of the leading global economies, Australia–also called Down Under–is a wonderful business investment opportunity for those who wish to shine on the world map. The nation’s amazingly strong infrastructure, besides flourishing economy, inspire the world migrants no end. Such people shift to the country, or try to do so, through the many visa options up for grabs.

Business and investor aspirants especially in the Kangaroo Land find the destination of their choice. For such candidates,the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) duly runs and manages several attractive and easy-to-get permit streams with the Business Innovation & Investment Subclass 188 class being one such stream.

The permits proffered under this class are basicially for those global investors &business owners who are keen to set-up a fresh enterprise on the Australian soils even as the said permit is legitimate for a period of 4 years. Significantly, the permit is just up for grabs for only those candidates who possess nomination from one of the state or territory administrations of the country.

Further, a key component of the Australian Business Innovation and Investment series, this temporary Business Innovation and Investment visa necessitates–on the part of the visa candidates–to present an Expression of Interest (EOI), via SkillSelect, and also have an invite to file a visa-petition.

Australian Visa Subcategory 188 Streams

The permit has three classes:

  1. The Business Innovation stream:It’s essentially meant for those who wish to have the possession of, and handle a fresh or existing company in the country.
  2. The Investor stream:It’s for those who would like to make an allocated investment in a state or territory of the country,besides maintain investment &business dealings in the nation, post the maturing of the initial investment.
  3. The Significant Investor stream:It’s for those who are keen to make an investment of not less than AUD5 million into conforming investments in the nation &wish to maintain investment &business dealings therein, post the maturing of the initial investment.

What Australian Visa Subcategory 188 visa enables one to do!

This highly useful permit enables the holders to:

  1. Set-up a fresh or build-up an existing firm in the country (Business Innovation Class).
  2. Make aallocated investment with one of the nation’s state or territory administrations (Investor Class).
  3. Make an investment of not less than AUD5 million in Down Under (Significant Investor Class).

Who can file a petition!

Those aspriants may submit a submission who:

  1. Have an invite to do so.
  2. Have a successful trade/commerce or investment background.
  3. Possess sufficient individual,besides business resources.
  4. Have nomination from a territory or state administration.

How much it costs!

The bare minimum fee for this permit submission is AUD4065.

Including family in petition

The candidates could include these persons in their permit submission:

  1. Spouse (married or in proven relationship);
  2. Mate’s dependent kids; and
  3. Additional dependent family members.

It’s essential that the family members mentioned above fulfill the key requirements. They ought to offer proof of their association. The same may comprise documentations for marriage, certificates for birth, common bank accounts,& certain other applicable papers.

Those, who include their de facto mate in their petition, should take note that the association should have continued for not less than one year leading to

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the date they file their submission.

Increasing permit’s validity!

Business Innovation stream: The holders may extend the validity of their visas for an extra two years, in a situation wherein they require additional time to cater to the conditions required to file a petition for for a Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) permit (subcategory 888)

Investor Class: Those who have a visa under this stream are not authorized to extend the validity of their permits.

Significant Investor Class:The holders may renew their permit as many as two time seven as the same offers them utmost8 years on the said temporary permit.


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