Basic determiners to qualify to be a dependent child in Australian immigration

Adopted, natural or step child can all be included under the category of dependent child at the time of Australia migration. Step child is the adopted or natural child of your present or former spouse. The child should be below 18 years of age and whose legal responsibility relies on you. Certified copies of the Australian or overseas court order related to your child, needs to be presented. No matter what the age of the child may be, if they are married or even engaged, they will not be considered a dependent child.

However, if a child is over 18 years of age, he/she may still be considered as a dependant, if you can provide reliable evidence that they are substantially or totally dependant on you for their basic financial needs, such as clothing, shelter and food. Also, it is necessary for you to provide an evidence of the fact that you have been providing this support for a considerable period of time. You must also show that the child is most reliant on you than any other source or person. If you cannot provide an evidence for the same, the child must apply separately. It is also important to note that a child above 25 years of age is usually not considered to be a dependant.

The visa of a dependant child is usually a provisional one that provides permission to the dependant child of the provisional partner visa holder to travel or even stay in Australia for the similar amount of time, as the child’s parent.

Once this visa is approved, the child can then also apply to have integration with the permanent partner visa application of their parent.

Documentation requirements to prove that children forming part of the application meet the “dependent” definition as per Australian Immigration regulations are very specific. If the dependent child is above 18 years, the principal applicant needs to be extra careful.

The case officers get discretionary authority to decide on majority of areas in such cases. An experienced immigration advisor will ensure that the application forms and attached documentation meets the requirements before you submit them for final approval to the visa authority.


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