Benefits of Living in the UK

Excellent healthcare facilities

Almost all your medical healthcare bills are paid for by the state. Yes, it’s true. If you live in the UK then the national government pays for your healthcare, even if you need a very expensive life-saving operation.

Free Education

The UK gives free school education to all children. University education and specialist education is well respected worldwide.

Multi-culturalUK Immigration Consultants

The culture of the UK is diversity friendly in most places and there is a general sense of individuality being a good thing.The cultural open-mindedness is good in most of the big cities, modern cosmopolitan areas and in remote wild areas.

Best police and security

The British police are honest, and they have to obey the law. This is in contrast to some countries where the police are feared by honest people.

Old age benefits

There is a welfare state which is such that people may live off it almost indefinitely. Lifelong Idleness is subsidised, and there are extra bonus payments of subsidy for producing more children. It’s all paid for out of tax. The UK is a much softer option for many people than various other countries. This makes the country a very attractive prospect for immigrants. Immigrants are welcomed in the UK. Once in the UK, it is quite difficult to get deported.

Most robust currency

The British currency is GB Pounds Sterling, which is one of the world’s best currencies. The British pound is more stable than almost all other world currencies, including the US dollar. Plus, the currency is better made. Pounds are worth more than dollars or euros, but the general stability of the currency is largely because of long-term backing up of the value of the currency with real assets. In contrast, countries where the governments think they can solve their economic problems by printing more banknotes, end up with devaluation, inflation, and huge denomination notes required to buy basic essentials.

Fantastic public transport network

The UK’s relatively small size and very good public transport network also means that residents can easily get out to explore the very best of which the country has to offer. The UK is a largely green and pleasant land.


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