Benefits of permanent resident visa under the Canada Immigrant Investor Program

It is generally observed that businessmen and investor applicants looking for immigration visa have purpose beyond getting a residency status. Under majority of situations, they would like to continue their current businesses and also have an alternate residency status in another country of repute. This is for the reason that they do no wish to close their current business and income stream and the safety that it offers. They would like to use this stream to fund their business operations in destined country. They understand that having an alternate residency status also offers higher studies platform to their children. It is in this context that the Canada Immigrant program scores over business and investor immigration programs offered by other countries and even by Canada.

A Permanent resident visa under the Canadian Immigrant Investor program offers direct and indirect benefits to the visa holder and his family.

  • Offers an unconditional alternate residency option and future citizenship of Canada
  • Offers the visa holder an option to live anywhere in Canada.
  • This option permits the holder to use the status for any purpose- take up a job, residence, Business and Taxation planning or use it as Holiday home or for retirement
  • Offers the applicant and his family an opportunity to enjoy amongst the best of quality of life in the world, in an almost pollution and corruption free environment.
  • Offers preferred admission (as a resident) and highly subsidized education at higher University levels education opportunity – for self and children;
  • Permits the holder to Use Canadian financial and banking system for expansion of his existing and worldwide business operations.
  • Offers to the holder an Opportunity of using it to create and grow his personal credit rating and that of his business;
  • Offers an opportunity of making Canada his business base, take advantage of NAFTA and promote his business interest in whole of North America
  • Use this opportunity of starting a Canadian business that may be managed by his children in future
  • Highly subsidized, world-class medical facilities for the entire family

The program requirements are minimum and easily achievable. The applicant needs a net worth of around CAD 800000 with Business/management experience of 2 out of last 5 years. The stakes for the program are high

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and services of a seasoned immigration advisor will ensure that the applicant’s objective of a smooth visa process is met.

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  • Samuel Poddar

    I would really appreciate if someone could tell me the advantages of applying for a PR with subsidized rates that the applicant receives when pursuing masters in Canada.How much is the subsidy that the applicant gets.I need accurate and exact figures without ambiguity for this info.However I would also like to know about the express entry system which has been launched this January onwards.Could you help me understand correctly by stating if this express entry system GUARANTEES you a job in your nation before you go to Canada?Also how much relevance is there to the job the applicant gets in Canada based on his previous employment.Is there any change in the role.I need these information urgently and will be extremely grateful for a reply asap.

  • Anoop Renjit

    Hai sir/madam,
    I am currently studying Bachelor of technology in civil major in amrita university, India. I am a permanent resident of canada. And so I wish to continue my masters program in the upcoming intake. I could not find the procedure of where to start. Could you please be kind enough to guide me how to start the formalities and learn me through the requirements.

  • Bhupinder Singh GILL

    I am a recently retired employee form a indian nationalised bank and a trade union leader.I am also a social worker and human rights worker.Iwould like to visit different parts of canada for my study work with that of indian way.For this purpose,i would like to visit canada frequently,please guide.



  • ritzi c.hope

    how much money do a family need to enter the country as show money.For example a family of 7 members.5 adults and 2 children under 12 years old.Is it show money or actual money upon entry.

  • vikashranjan

    Immigrant investor program looking good, I have heard that Canada is the most simplest place for immigration.

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