Figure out the best Canada Immigration Consultants

If you wish to immigrate to Canada, and you find the programs and the processes a bit complex, then you must look for reliable and authentic Canada Immigration Consultants who would provide complete guidance to you. However, with increased fraudulent practices, it has become all the more important to look for certain factors before proceeding with a certain consultancy. Here are some tips to consider –

Go for a thorough research

As soon as you land up on the idea of hiring a consultancy for your Canada immigration, google the name of some immigration consultancies. You can check on the top rated agencies and can go through their history and credibility factors through reviews and suggestions available online.

Ask for reference from known sources

It would be the best if you know someone who has already Migrate to Canada or someone whose Canada PR application is being processed by a consultancy. That person may tell you about the authenticity and personal experience with a consultancy so that you can be assured that you are going for legal and personally trusted services.

Identify a Licensed Canada Immigration Consultant

You need to ensure that the consultancy you are opting for is registered with an RCIC agent, who is meeting all the requirements of ICCRC. Abhinav Immigration Services is one such licensed consultancy who adheres to all the guidelines. You can visit the link provided below to know more about the topic –

Avoid freelancing Services

It is better to go for the registered consultancy firms rather than taking freelancing services, as they may offer you cheap services but are more likely to cheat and disappear once they get the desired amount.

Go for genuine feedbacks

Do not blindly go for whatever is being served by the websites of the consultancies. A more reliable source is the feedback from video testimonials as compared to text messages which are more likely to be fake. In this case, an experienced consultancy should be preferred who has years of expertise in the industry, so that your chances of successful immigration are enhanced.

Avoid tempting and unrealistic offers

If you come across certain consultancy or agents providing explicit offers that are hard to believe, then it is better to refrain from them rather than fall into the bait to suffer loss of money and time. A most commonly spread fraudulent practice is to tempt prospect immigrants in the name of placement guarantee and job offers. You need to be very careful of such duping practices.

Therefore, before you decide on one among many Canada Immigration Consultants, be sure of their history, legality and expertise. A proficient and knowledgeable can assist you on your profile and will also suggest ways that can get you extra points so that you have better prospects of being invited to apply for immigration. Having a consultant by your side is indeed a wise choice for better chances of success, however, one must pay due attention to the authenticity of the consultant.


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