Beware of Immigration Scammers!

In today’s world, the level of notoriety is very high. And so are the people competing for better lives. And so, people take shortcuts. This means one has to be extra careful while deciding upon something very important in their lives. This is particularly true while immigrating. Since, immigration involves a large sum of money to be invested; hiring an agent involves an extra sum to be invested.

With the increase in the number of crimes, people are capable of finding innovative ways to attack vulnerable people. This is very true for the immigration industry involving fraudulent scammers. This article is an endeavor by us to let the immigrant hopefuls know about the possible scams.

The various scams that usually take place are:

  • If an agent does not use his name anywhere while filing your application, check again! He might turn out to be a fraud. In such a case, he would not be licensed and authorized and hence are not permitted to handle any cases regarding immigration. These people are referred to as “ghost consultants” as they are expected to be invisible at all times.
  • When an agent says that he has ties with the concerned immigration office, it is advised to cross check and see whether it is true or not. In most cases, these are false claimants.
  • Fake agents and visa specialists tend to use the names of registered consultants without their prior approval. So, it is best to contact the particular registered agent/consultant in question.
  • Scammers are very good at bluffing their clients. They usually lie or hide facts regarding the processing timeliness and so on. Such false promises are made to ensure that the client fee is paid and then they can show their true colors!
  • Different immigration and visa consultants offer various packages. Get to know about the market standards regarding the costs incurred by a client seeking the services of an agent. Some might charge less money which might mean less time invested on the service. On the other hand, a consultant with a hiked fee might turn out to be doing a careless job. It is advised that you talk to other clients seeking services of the concerned firm before investing your time, resources and energy.
  • Another form of scam is the advertisements in the newspapers promising a job in a developed country. In such ads, all that is asked for is to fill in an application form and pay some amount of money as a registration fee. In other similar cases, you might be asked to send some deposit. Beware! This might turn out to be a dupe.
  • Some agents promise immigrants work permit after they land in a new country. But instead these immigrants are termed as refugees and at the end are deported to their own country.
  • Never signature on blank forms and any contract without reading the terms and conditions. A scammer might forge your information for his own needs. Hence, always sign on documents after you have read the terms and conditions and agree to the details mentioned in the form or the document.
  • Knowing English or any other language specific to a particular country is not enough to get a decent job in the new country. There are many other aspects which are taken into consideration. Hence, scammers claiming the above mentioned statement are not genuine ones.
  • Others include fake lotteries, rumors and fake application forms. No such events are ever conducted. An application form can be obtained free of cost from the visa office or once the deal is finalized with a genuine consultancy firm.

This is not all! New scams keep coming up now and then. Thus, it

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is up to the client seeking such a service to be doubly careful in such instances and complaint against these nuances. Immigration is one decision of your life which cannot be messed up at any cost. Thus, consult an immigration specialist who is authorized to act as your representative.



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    You have touched a very good topic. It is very important to do a little research before hiring a immigration lawyer or consultant to represent you for processing your application.

  • immigrationprofessionals

    its really essential to be aware of such frauds

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