Breaking the immigration news to your family

So, you have initiated your proceedings for immigration to a distant land and don’t know how to break this news to your family? This indeed is quite a difficult but crucial task that needs a little planning on your part. Venturing to stay at a distant land, away from your family and friends you see on a regular basis is challenging for you as well as your near and dear ones.

Immigration to a foreign land is a lengthy method that may take a few months or even a few years, in some cases. Keeping your family oblivious of your immigration procedure all through and revealing it a week or two before you are set to take off, is definitely not advisable. This would make them feel disappointed and betrayed and may affect your relationship with them.

It is best to enlighten them about your decision from the very start of your immigration proceedings. Keep them informed about updates in the process. Discuss with them about your challenges that you might face in the new country, their suggestions about how you can deal with them, ask them if they know anything about the culture of the country you are immigrating to, when you should sell your house, and other such secondary questions. This would make them feel positive and reassured. Also, you would be glad to have their support all through the process and while immigrating as well.

Try not to get started with questions like, if you should consider immigration? By focusing on just the secondary issues, you will be able to adhere to just the positive side of immigration. Do not worry much about how they would feel in your absence, as it is quite natural that they would miss you but gradually, everyone gets accustomed to it. The distance does make the bonds stronger in many cases. The feeling of unison with your friends and family after a considerable period is indeed blissful.

Invite them to visit you anytime during the holidays but make sure you do not make any false promises. Do not make false promises of visiting every few months, if you think it would not be possible for you to visit more than once a year. This again may lead to a feeling of disappointment and betrayal. Be honest in your commitments. Call at home frequently and be concerned as you have always been. This will ensure that your relationship withstands the negatives of the distance.

How and when you break your immigration news to your family depends a lot on several factors, like their dependency on you, how close is your relationship, and many others. Get started with a well-thought peppy talk. It would surely be difficult to break this news to certain members of your family, than others. Convince them with the opportunities this decision has in store for you and reassure them about your bonding with them, and it will all be a smooth and happy time.


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