Brief About Point Test System For The Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program

There are several people who are applying for the Hong Kong visa every year. After the relaxation of the criteria in the year 2007, the number of applicants has increased. But still there are many people who do not get the visa. Well such people should know the various requirements in detail and also search online or talk to an immigration consultant about it.

Besides the requirements one should also know how they are marked that is the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program Point Test System. There are two types of points based system. The first one caters the general points which are called as general points test. The other test looks achievements made by the candidate and thus it is called as the achievement based point test.

Well under these requirements the age if younger is considered better but maximum points are given to those who are in their early 30’s. The educational or academic qualifications of the person should be higher. The applicant with the masters or PhD stands a better chance than the other candidates. Those with the double degree have better chance than any other candidates.

The experience counts a lot and also the language proficiency of the person. Thus one should know how to score in each and every department. The passing score for the general point test system is 80 out of 165 points.

The next category under the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program Point Test System is the achievement based point test. The achievements include the Nobel Prize or an Olympic medalist for distinctive achievement. Also the people who have been acknowledged and given a lifetime achievement award in a particular field or in an industry are considered.

Therefore to know about this system one can either visit the internet or they can also visit an immigration consultant’s office.

There are various kinds of people who are applying for the Hong Kong visa. Well those who are applying for skilled professional’s visa must know the details about the point test system. There are two categories under the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program Point Test System. These two categories are the general point based test and the achievement point based test.

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