British Labor Party Makes U-turn, Favors Tough Immigration Approach

Until now, Great Britain’s Labor Party–which has been viewed as the pro-immigration party of the country–has reportedly observed that it will contest the next polls on a rather tough, anti-immigration ground. In this connection, a top member of the party was quoted as saying that it’s essential that Labor amends its stand on immigration, in case it hopes to get back the seats lost at the previous polls. He added that people require knowing that the party recognizes that it failed the last time around even as it will have somewhat strong controls in place, adding it’s crucial.

Some Labor strategists opine that the party’s backing for mass overseas movement of people from outside to the UK has eaten into its support base. Sometime back, a poll done on the issue hinted that the party had lost close to 4 million UK votes, thanks to the support it gave to large scale immigration from 2000 to 2009. The same poll found that, even among those people who continued to offer support to the Labor Party, most people favored, what is called zero net migration.

When the Labor was in power the last time around, from 1997 to 2010, nearly 5.5 million individuals from overseas settled in Britain. During 2009, an ex advisor involved with the then Labor administration, had apparently informed media that the party had boosted the level of immigration into the country from 2000 to 2009 intentionally with a view to make the nation really multicultural. Tony Blair, the Labor Prime Minister from 1997 to 2008, sought to put forward that those, who did not favor large-scale immigration, were extremists. In this connection, he was quoted as saying that the most of the individuals in the country are not narrow-minded even as they fully appreciate the many benefits of the overseas movement of people to the country.

But it appears that the party’s leadership was not in tune with the membership. Study done in this connection during February 2012 clearly shows that three-fourth of the nationals of the country wish to see the levels of immigration cut-down. Currently, the fresh Labor leadership is ignoring the pro-immigration stance of Blair in chase of electoral victory.

Ed Miliband–who grabbed the top post for the party’s leadership during 2010–delivered a speech sometime back in the month of June 2012 in which he publically observed that the party had made a mistake on the issue of immigration. He also proclaimed many policies, which, according to him, could assist the nation’s workers to get employment opportunities despite stiff competition given by the many overseas-born employees.

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