British Premier Wants to Curb Right of Immigrants to Social Benefits

In an important development–which though may not be music to the ears of many UK immigration-inspired migrants–the British Prime Minister has informed the House of Commons that he is keen to restrict the right of the overseas people, present in the nation, to claim benefits in the country.

David Cameron, the PM, apparently claimed that it will show that London is not a soft touch for those, who arrive in the nation with a view to make the most of the existing national social security arrangement. Cameron added that his administration would duly re-evaluate the arrangements for accommodation, healthcare & justice to find-out if the same would be feasible to limit access to them. He was answering a question put by a Conservative MP, who reportedly said that the British welfare system & health service were for the citizens, and not the outsiders.

The said MP asked the Premier to assure the House that the given scheme would not be misused & abused by the unlawful migrants, and prove useful & beneficial to the guests from abroad. Cameron replied that although the UK has been a welcoming economy since long, the nation must not be a soft touch for those people who wish to arrive on its soils.

He added that several components of the British existing arrangements don’t pass an ordinary sense test–in the context of access to accommodation, healthcare, justice and certain other issues–which though ought to be a right for the citizens, shouldn’t be the right of any person who just arrives in the UK.

Cameron had earlier talked about his wish to put-off individuals from the nations of Bulgaria & Romania from landing on the British soils when the EU transitional checks–that prevent the manpower from those nations from traveling to get employed across Britain–come to an end.

In this connection, a report by a top anti-immigration research group has suggested that nearly 250,000 persons will head to the UK from these two fresh EU member nations during the first 5 years, post the transitional checks are done away with. However, the governments of these nations have strongly contested these numbers, saying that they expect their citizens to shift to Southern Europe & Germany.

According to reports, the British PM is under great pressure from the British right wing, anti-EU Party–even as the latter is allegedly snatching votes away from Cameron’s Conservative Party.

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