British Student Union Condemns Student Immigration Strategies

In a key development, a concerned official of a British students union has torn-apart the nation’s coalition administration, alleging that its Immigration principles and crippling checks make global students feel unwanted in the nation. He added that he fears that the UK’s hard talks & strategies on immigration have created a situation which does not much inspire overseas students.

He made his claims soon after the nation’s Queen, Elizabeth II, made public the administration’s aim to legislate on immigration in the near future. Every year, the queen reads-out a speech prepared by her administration delineating the legislation it plans to bring-in in the next year.

The planned immigration legislation includes no provisions concerning students. Actually, it includes no provisions whatsoever related to any permits proffered, via the nation’s 5-Tier points-based permit arrangement. Hence, no amendments to permits for high value migrants (Tier 1 permits), students (Tier 4 permits), extremely qualified aliens (Tier 2 permits), or for that matter, temporary employees (Tier 5 permits) exist.

The officer in question further said that the government has set illogical targets for cutting-down immigration even while the global students are a soft target, in spite of the significant academic, cultural & monetary contributions that they make to their universities, besides the societies in which they reside. The officer continued that the British ministers should stop treating the world students like political pawns, and understand & appreciate their true importance & take them out from the immigration data/figures.

Apparently, the officer seems to be concerned that students are being discouraged by a generally unfriendly approach to the immigrants in Britain.

More than 200,000 world students enter Britain every year

However, some detractors have challenged the said official’s assertions, saying the only manner via which  the government can really fulfill its target is to cut-down the volume of the global students arriving in Britain every year with the reason being the nation doles-out from 200,000 to 300,000 permits per annum. Given this, it would be impractical to reduce the UK overall immigration to less than 100,000 in a year, minus reducing the volume of the students arriving in the country.

London to roll-out red-carpet welcome to those who want to contribute

Meanwhile, the administration has said that that its planned immigration legislation will make the nation warm to those aliens who want to make contributions and unfriendly to those who don’t.

The proposed steps include, among others:

  1. An upper limit on the authority of the overseas people to utilize the nation’s National Health Service;
  2. Swelling fines for recruiters/firms which hire employees, who lack legal permission to work in the country; and
  3. A prerequisite that every private landlord makes potential tenants duly prove that they are in the nation in a lawful manner, prior to allowing them to dwell-in his house.

An involved official of a renowned British students union has attacked the nation’s coalition administration, claiming its not-too-friendly immigration principles make global students feel rather unwanted in the country.

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