Business Talent (Migrant) (Sub-class 132) visa

This visa is available by invitation only. The proceedings to obtain this visa are initiated by creating a profile through an Expression of interest – EOI on Skill select platform. While filing an EOI choice of sponsoring state can be indicated.

This visa is available under 2 categories

  • Significant business history class for the affluent business owner with substantial financial

credential and with an intent to establish and run their newly established corporate or take

over an existing concern

  • Venture capital entrepreneur for migrants who have been able to source funds in tune of minimum of AUD 1 million from an A
    ussie venture capital organization.Australia immigration consultantsThis visa permits you to
  • Reside and work permanently in Australia
  • Travel in out of borders for 5 years
  • Include family in the application for visa
  • Set-up a new or acquire an ongoing business in Australia

General Requisites

  • You must be under 55 years
  • Be nominated by a provincial authority

Specific requisites

  • You should have a significant business history
  • Minimum net assets of AUD 400000 in a qualifying business with a annual turnover of AUD 3 million (in one or main businesses) in at-least 2 years of previous 4 years preceding to filing for visa
  • Have a personal net worth in tune of AUD 1.5million which are Transfer ready funds within 2 years of grant of visa
  • A proven business track record and performance
  • Venture capital
  • You must secure funds in tune of AUD 1.5 million from an Australian risk capital funding

organization to convert, set-up and improvise on an exceptional business innovation into commercially viable and successful product.



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