Calgary bureau launches information plan to give immigrants advantage

In a somewhat positive development, a Calgary organization reportedly expects to make the transition process for immigrants reasonably easier with a scheme which will reportedly arm them (the visitors) with vital facts/data involving Canada, prior to they arrive in the country. The program in question is duly tailored to give the aliens an advantage & swiftly direct them to bureaus which may assist them when they turn-up. And the visitors, as a result, will not have to undergo a long-drawn-out settlement procedure.

An important component of the plan is a website started recently which reportedly proffers information related to the general life in the area and Canada to the potential immigrants, prior to they (the visitors) depart from their home nation. The said program will maintain its support once migrants arrive in the city, with a stall for assistance/information at the International Airport of Calgary.

The stall in question will furnish the immigrants with a helpful information kit even as the workers will invite them to an orientation gathering at the Welcome Centre for New Immigrants (CIES)–a facility duly managed and run by the body in the northeast part of the province.

Meanwhile, a director involved with the organization has declared that he cannot just open the doors of the bureau and cool his heels for the customers to arrive. He also claimed that the scheme is not tailored to guide clients to his agency. Analysts at the information meetings review newcomers before passing on them to the services–all off-site which suit their specific requirements in the best possible way.

The director also maintained that Calgary has a rather robust network of associations/groups which require toiling more closely collectively. He added that the need of the hour is to give the freshly arrived migrants the right direction even as they cannot be left at their residences cut-off, with their relatives or family members.

For those who came in late, Calgary is a preferred immigration destination for the migrants to the Maple Leaf Country, next only to Toronto, Vancouver, besides Montreal. As per a research, from 2006 to 2011, roughly 70,000 migrants inhabited Calgary. Allegedly, just close-to one–third, or 30%, of the new entrants to the city search for help from the organizations serving immigrants, even as the rest still depend on friends, family members, besides other members of their cultural society.

In this backdrop, the director in question stressed that beginning the website–in addition to having a visible presence at the airport–ought to give immigrants a superior and enhanced idea of the kind of support/assistance which is obtainable to them. He added that Calgary boasts of an extremely robust settlement segment to help the new entrants.

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