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As an Immigration specialist, I understand various reasons as to why people immigrate. Better future is one of them, but at the same time I feel sympathetic for those who reside in a war/catastrophe affected nation and intend to move on ASAP.

Talking about a prospective country like Canada, it does approve refugees, but READ MORE the criteria to prove the status or be eligible for the same can be difficult. People come to us, seeking advice and we guide them to apply in either of the relevant immigrant categories, provided they don’t fit in the refugee category.

Talking about the immigration categories here, like every other country, people can migrate either under the “Skilled category” which allows them to migrate under the points based scheme or the investor and/or entrepreneur category, which have their own set of rules (especially meant for budding investors, businessmen and entrepreneurs).

Somehow people manage to gather funds, but often find themselves stuck in dilemma when it comes to applying under the skilled worker category. Where to get the points from? We often advice them to first fill the free of charge assessment form so that their profile is scrutinized in order to witness their chances of starting an application process. Don’t worry if the outcome is not positive. This is certainly NOT the end of the road. Our experts would advice on how these skills can be improved further (the same might take some time too), but the chances to get selected might certainly become bright in the long run! For instance, work experience can be improved, additionally while gaining proficiency in the French language, to name a few. The fact can help in immigrating to Quebec too, one of the most renowned provinces of Canada!

Then a lot of people ask about the age factor. Am I too old to immigrate or probably too young! Would I be able to immigrate to Canada till the time my skills would be in demand? While on one hand, we do understand the emotions of our prospective immigrants and their dreams of making it big in a country of their choice, we too are bound by the regulations set by CIC, which doesn’t give us the freedom to deviate from the regular path. Hence, every one has to go through a decided processing time line, and fulfill every mandate associated with the application process. We, as immigration consultant, play the role of advising our level best to our prestigious clients and acting as an intermediately link between the two parties. Still, people between the age group of 21 to 49 are likely to get maximum points. But road is again not an end for people above 49! Visit us and know how!

Last, but definitely not the least. I am often asked that would marrying a Canadian citizen means I would become a Canadian automatically? First answer would NO! A PR is what is needed to acquire citizenship of Canada in the later stages. But it may give you an advantage to be sponsored by

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your spouse.

I know your mind is flooded with such queries! Just mail us at [email protected] and we shall get back to you ASAP

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  • Manoj

    I am a Master’s Degree and have been teaching for five yrs for Bachelor level students speializing English. I am 30 now and have 7 points in ielts. But once I am rejected by the embassy showing some doubt in my responsibilities from the college.
    Furthermore, i am still longing to migrate to Canada.So can you suggest anything to me.

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