Know About Canada Business Immigration

With Canada’s growing status as a rich and developed economy, its overall appeal has skyrocketed. People, especially from the relatively lesser developed countries, are making attempts to migrate to the country by submitting their applications and furnishing the necessary details before the concerned body. Many of such hopefuls are interested in Canada Business Immigrations and trying to get hold of the elusive visa for the purpose.

What is Canadian business immigration? It is a type of immigration which is targeted at those applicants who wish to get hold of an immigration visa to the country, and who have the necessary funds as laid down by the concerned authorities, and who also have suitable business or management experience.

Selected applicants under the business immigration program and immediate family members get Canadian permanent resident status. Following three years of his or her residence in the country, a business immigrant, besides his or her family members, become eligible to submit application for citizenship.

Categories of Canada business immigration

Entrepreneur Immigration: Those applying under this section must be able to prove a net worth of not less than CAD$300,000 and must have suitably managed and owned a lawful business for not less than two years during the last five years. Those entrepreneur immigrants whose applications get sanctioned will have to establish and manage a business in the country within three years of becoming a permanent

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resident of the country.

Investor Immigration: Applicants in this section must be able to prove a net worth of not less than CAD$1,600,000, and must have suitably run and owned a lawful business for not less than two years during the last five years. Those applicants whose applications get sanctioned must make a secured investment with the immigration authorities of CAD$800,000 — a section of which could be generated through financing.

Self-employed Immigration: Applicants in this category should be able to prove a minimum net worth of CAD$100,000 and must have not less than two years of business experience as a self employed professional.

The entire processing time may be anywhere between two and three years depending on the number of applications received. As the entire process could turn out to be a rather complicated and long drawn out, it would do well if one hires an expert immigration lawyer proficient with the Immigration Laws of the country to represent his case and avoid disappointments later.

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