Canada Citizenship Improvements Could Discourage Overseas Students

The modifications to Canada citizenship laws, proclaimed by Ottawa to come into force sometime later in 2014, may not have a good effect on the students from abroad, and discourage them from opting for Canada immigration, it is claimed. Citizenship amendments would have confining influence on wooing global students. Allegedly, the country is compromising with its USP. The nation is facing worldwide competition in attracting global students from certain countries, such as Australia, the UK, & the US.

How will the modifications check overseas students’ interests in Canada immigration?

The Maple Leaf Country would do away with a regulation that had led to effortless Canada citizenship path for foreigners residing in the nation, prior to obtaining permanent residency (PR) status. The latest citizenship laws will remove the said condition even as the same was a major incentive for global students in the country.

The current rules denote that overseas employees, live-in caregivers, and/or global students staying in the country as non-permanent residents, gain every day exhausted in the country to be added up as half day of dwelling needed for the objects of citizenship submission. It is claimed that the said condition was a key incentive for several foreigners keen to arrive in the nation and gain citizenship.

An additional obstacle in the way of drawing foreigners

Besides the removal of the mentioned existing provision, Ottawa has also stated a new necessity for PR. It is increasing the residency condition for gaining citizenship to 4 out of 6 years from the existing condition of 3 out of 4 years.

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