Canada Express Entry 2015 Increases Chances OF Immigration

For all those who had turned pessimistic pertaining to Canadian immigration, it is time to be happy about something. The Canadian Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander has heard all the pains and sufferings that aspiring immigrants faced while going for an application. So, he took a bold step and went forward towards introducing a new system that would define immigration at its best way.Canada Express Entry 2015

The “Express Entry” or also known as “Expression of Interest (EoI)”–the well-known and much talked about programme that has attracted maximum attention, and the one that is anticipated to emerge as a game changer in the history of Canadian immigration.

With the help of Express Entry 2015 Programme for Canada, immigration chances increase to a greater degree. The primary reason that Express Entry has emerged as an answer to the immigration mess that the Maple Leaf Country has faced in the past is because of its technicality.

This specific programme is free from all biases. So, forget about the first-come-first-serve thing. It is time to give more importance to the skills that you possess. If you have the skills that are needed in the economy, you are welcome else you are not entertained here—the Express Entry deals in this adage. In the past, due to the first-come-first-serve basis, a lot of pressure was put on the economy even as many immigrants, due to lack of skills, failed to procure a job here.

Hence, the concerned immigration authorities thought that it would be a much better take to look for an alternative that is both pragmatic and feasible. They thought to imitate the Australia’s skill set paradigm and made “Express Entry” the next generation to the skill set programme of Australia, but the “Express Entry” came with much advanced amendments.

Under the Express Entry for Canada, the chances of immigration increases because only skilled applicants contest for immigration, and many are refined out on the way, and only the cream remains that enters the Express Entry profile. From there, the Canadian Job Bank does the next task and evaluates the best candidates based on their experience, educational qualification, language proficiency and age.

The remaining sediments are perfectly cream to determine the movement. It is because of this reason that the processing time is small and effective under the Express Entry system. You need just 6 months for getting everything streamlined to perfection.

The programme is broadly classified into four categories: Federal skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), and Provincial Nomination Programme (PNP).

Under the FSWP, there is a National Occupation List that determines different categories of trade that are mentioned in the list. And, if the applicant falls in the same trade category with all the requirements that are sought under the programme met, they are selected for movement. The same parameter goes with the FSTP, the CEC and the PNP. In case you meet with all of them, you always multiply the chances of movement.


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