Canada Express Entry Immigration Program–Some Useful Information for You

Canada is coming up with its new and latest immigration policy which is especially designed to invite skilled people from across the world. To further explain, Canada Express Entry Immigration Program is a cherry-pick talent program which selects trained persons from worldwide, and enables them to work in the Maple Leaf Country.

This program is starting from January 1, 2015 and all those skilled people, who wish to make their career in the Northern America Country, can apply through the scheme. To cross the national borders of Canada, aspiring migrants have to apply for a valid visa. They can cross the borders by the following pathways:

Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP): Under this gateway, the aspirant gets Permanent Resident (PR) in the nation after he gets selected on the basis of his educational qualifications, professional experience, age, language ability, and his adaptability to adjust in the country. The various territories and provinces of the nation have different immigration rules. The candidates–who wish to move to some specific province–need to consult the authorities of the designated province.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): The applicants who wish to make their entry through the scheme have to fill an online form wherein they have to submit all credential certificates along with the duly filled visa form. After successful payment of fees, their visa application will be submitted and sent for further evaluation, depending on which, it is quite possible that they will get PR in the Maple leaf country.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): It is for the aspirants who have lived in the overseas immigration hotspot for a short period and know both language English and French and have an adequate work experience. The CEC is especially designed to meet the requirements of these experienced people. They can boost the economy of the nation. The offer is also valid for those students who have worked in the nation, while studying or completing their professional course (s).

Business Class: This pathway of entry is for those businessmen who wish to start a business in any province of the Maple Leaf Country. The key requirement is that the business should help the nation’s economy and the candidates should adapt to the culture and lifestyle of any of the Canadian province.

Provincial Nominees: According to the latest amendments, the age of the dependent has been reduced to less than 19 from less than 22. Children who are mentally retarded and physically disabled and who are financially dependent on their parents can move into the country under this class. There is no age bar for them.

All these gateways will enhance entry to Canada under Canada Express Entry Immigration Program. This program is not time bond and talented applicants can migrate to the nation and get PR in the nation within just six months.


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