Know about Canada Express Entry & Immigration Programmes for Overseas Movement

There were many drawbacks in the Canadian immigration laws and the country has paid in hefty for that mess. They had their share to deal with the difficulties because of the botched up immigration norms that they used to follow all this while. The first-come-first-serve basis brought real pressure on the economy as innumerable immigrants moved who were not even capable to sustain the demand of the Maple Leaf Country. Such immigration led to results that were no less than fiascos.

So, the authorities turned cautious this time and introduced the Canada Express Entry system of immigration. It is an extraordinary programme and the best of the entire immigration programmes so far. The programme only considers experience and expertise while facilitating the movement.

Hence, the days when even mediocre level immigrants moved to the immigration destination are a thing of the past. With the emergence of Express Entry in the fore, things have started to change for the better even as more unique and developed immigration system has been reinstated, to help make immigration truly non-biased and a living example.

Express Entry, also known as the Expression of Interest (EoI), is an unprecedented programme because it identities none but just one thing—skills. If you are skillful then this immigration scheme is your greatest friend. But, in case you are not, then it is the most dreadful enemy for you.

The movement under this scheme is facilitated through three programmes:

1. Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)
2. Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)
3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

If you are moving under the FSWP, then you must have the desired experience, and the work that you do in your homeland must be mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Canada, excluding Quebec.

When you apply under the Canada Express Entry FSWP, then some requirements must be met. But, in case you are applying for Quebec, you are not supposed to follow the Express Entry.

  • You must have the work experience of 1,560 hours.
  • The work should be solely paid, no internship experience will be considered.
  • You must be doing work that is mentioned in the skill type of NOC O,A,B
  • You must show that you had been working in the last 10 years time.
  • Language skills are also mandated, so you should qualify the IELTS with 7 bands, for streamlining the movement.

When you apply under FSTP:

  • You must have a valid offer from any Canadian employer for any skilled job that is in demand in Canada.
  • You must know one official language, like English and one local language that is French, for streamlining the movement.
  • You must bear the desired requirements that are needed for rendering you eligible for the job.
  • You must also have 24 months of work experience to hold you eligible for movement.

When you apply under CEC:

  • You must have 12 years of full time work experience.
  • You must be working in the overseas hotspot and have gained the experience on the Canadian soils.
  • You would apply for any other region but not Quebec.
  • You must have proficiency in language.

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