Canada Express Entry—A New Online Application Management System

This year there was a lot of hue and cry with respect to the Express Entry system, and as anticipated, the system has turned out to be unprecedented. It has provided leverage for skilled professionals to move and live in Canada. Since, this system is highly transparent, and it considers only skilled persons who can opt for movement, the possibilities of making it big here has increased manifolds.

Express Entry is a new online application management system that allows those aspiring to move to the Maple Leaf Country to avail the immigration process, by simply filing it online. The structure doesn’t require any special arrangements; rather, only applying it through online is sufficient to feed your name in the immigration pool.

Often, most common aspiring immigrants are ignorant about the immigration programme. So, to pave the way towards a more enlightened path, while streamlining your immigration application, you must in all probability go through this piece. In this piece, you would be able to figure-out how this Express Entry system works, and what are the ways that streamline the procedure.

Since, Express Entry is a new online application management system; it follows new rules to streamline the movement of folks to Canada. Under this system, folks can move to Canada under three categories:

1. Federal Skilled Workers Programme

2. Federal Skilled Trades Programme

3. Canadian Experience Class

The filing of Express Entry is pretty simple. All those aspiring to make it to the nation can move under this programme. They are supposed to apply online through the Express Entry online profile. The platform would evaluate the eligibilities of the applicants, by considering experience, education, language proficiency, adaptability and skillfulness.

Once they shortlist the eligible candidates, then they are supposed to take a Comprehensive Ranking Assessment Test. This test will assess every credential of the applicant from a microscopic view. Once the authorities find the best ones in the pool, then draws are conducted every month.

In total, 24 draws would be conducted throughout the year, to facilitate the movement. The persons in the Express Entry pool–who have the maximum score after passing through all the parameters like language proficiency, educational qualification, IELTS score, work experience and adaptability–will reflect in the top most position of the pool, and from there they will have their name stored in the Canadian Job Bank.

It is a body that considers the skilled professionals living in the country and acts as a conduit from where the employers can pick the best candidates who can help them to satiate their requirements. It is from here where the aspirants are selected based on their skills for the respective categories, like Federal Skilled Workers Programme, Federal Skilled Trades Programme and Canadian Experience Class, to facilitate the movement to Canada.

So, if you are looking for movement to Canada, you need to qualify all these levels to make sure that this year you are in the immigration hotspot.


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