Canada Express Entry Occupation List Has Much in Store for Aspirants

This time your dream that was simmering in your heart, regarding moving to Canada, is not in the mood to go unheard. Hallelujah! Using Express Entry Programme, as many as 1, 80,000 people would be celebrating their next Christmas carol in Canada. The   Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the governing body regulating immigration, has launched a new programme named Express Entry.

In order to streamline the movement, the concerned immigration authorities have introduced new Express Entry occupation list, and in the list, 50 specified job categories are mentioned under which immigrants from other countries can move to the Maple Leaf Country.

With the onset of this programme, a new and unprecedented pursuit, that was long being waited, will materialize. With the help of this scheme, those immigrants who are working in Canada can settle there as permanent citizens as well. With this programme, all those line of workers–pooled in the Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP) and Canada Experience Class (CEC)–will permanently end up in the nation.

Further, under this scheme, skilled engineers, database analysts, software engineers, computer programmers, petroleum engineers, home building and renovation managers, construction managers, and all such professionals representing 50 skilled professions, will permanently be deemed as Canadian citizens. So, if you are planning to move for the very first time to the immigration hotspot, you are required to do so through Express Entry profile.

The scheme will help you move to the country under different categories, and this time, as there has been a real shortage of labor in the economy, they have added up new line of jobs in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) category for facilitating the movement. Hence, if you are going for movement, all you need to have is experience, language proficiency, degree and letter of interest.

You will have to appear for a test, and based on that, you will be evaluated, and your name will enter in the Express Entry Pool for movement. Express Entry occupation list has shortlisted some of the professions, and those have already been mentioned above in the list.

Once you come in those categories, and you have applied for movement, your name will appear in the Express Entry Pool, and from their draw will be conducted. Every month, draws would be carried-out and throughout the year as many as 25 draws will take place and facilitate movement of 1, 80,000 immigrants.

The first line of draw was conducted in January, and as many as 779 people have already moved under the Express Entry occupation list. Given this, in case you are looking for movement, then it is the right time to go for it. This time, the immigration authorities have made the application process very disciplined. Even a minor mistake can debar you and redeem you not eligible for movement.

In this backdrop, if you want to get everything arranged in the best possible way, then going for consultants can help you in all possible ways. There is a lot more that Canada express entry occupation list has in store for you. All you need to do is just figure them out in the best way.


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