Canada Express Entry Programme Delivered On Its Expectations

Canada Express Entry Programme

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced a new programme in the year 2015 which did away with the first-come-first-serve basis of immigration, and under this immigration scheme skills were the first parameter to decide the immigration. The Canada Express Entry Programme has been lauded by several immigration experts to relieve the pressure put on the economy due to the alleged cases of bogus immigration.

Canada Express Entry Programme

Canada Express Entry Programme

In this article you will get to have a glimpse or rather in detail analysis of the Canada Express Entry Programme and how it has been shaping the immigration to the popular overseas destination.

Canada Express Entry Programme –An Overview

We are living in the age of digitization and dynamism, and in this fast paced life you cannot cope up with something which is passionately slow. The same goes for the immigration as well, and in order to deal with that the IRCC introduced the immigration programme which has been known for its pro-activeness, and pacify and speed up the immigration process.

Under the Canada Express Entry Programme, the immigration to the country will happen in not less than 120 days after the application has been submitted. In the past the immigration was tough but with the dynamism granted under this specific plan, such obstacles have been long gone.

The acceleration of the immigration is based out on four broad categories in which the immigration is facilitated. In these particular categories, you can find the Federal Skilled Worker Programme, the Federal Skilled Trades Programme, the Canadian Experience class, and the Provincial Nominee Programme.

You can choose the category that best fits out, and based on that you will be given the points under the Comprehensive Ranking System, or also known as CRS calculator that will reward you, based on the skills, technical expertise, educational qualification, work experience and language proficiency. You will be assessed on these broad categories to make sure that you can easily move without any hassle.

Development in Immigration Post Express Entry Programme Launch

In the first half of 2015 when the scheme was introduced, it was able to ensure movement of 12,928 applicants, whereas, in the second half of that year the approved visas increased to 18,135. Even 2016 was a good year for immigration with, 15,286 applicants making their way to the Maple Leaf Country in the first half of the year followed by another 18,496 applicants.

The year 2017 started on a brisk note with immigration numbers touching an unprecedented figure of 51,285. Seeing the jump in the numbers on the year-on-year basis, it is not hard to interpret that this year will turn grand in the second half. If you are applying for the Maple Leaf Country, then it is the time to make things grand in particular.

Get all the latest news on the Canada Express Entry Programme by visiting the website of the IRCC or the ones run by some of the well-known visa and immigration service providers, such as Abhinav.


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