Canada Express Entry – What Makes It So Hot?

Canada Express Entry

Submit an application for the prized Canadian Permanent Residency through the popular system ‘Express Entry’. The system has successfully completed two years, even as a large number of applicants have already lived their immigration dreams in reality. In order to meet the country’s labor demand, it is mainly the trained employees who have been selected through the Canada Express Entry Programme for immigration to Canada.

Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry

By looking at the number of the candidates, who have received Permanent Residency (PR) in the country, there is no reason whatsoever to doubt that Express Entry is the most useful immigration pathway for the PR applicants.

What Makes Canada Express Entry So Hot?

Several factors make the programme so appealing.

Online Canada Express entry Procedure

The system is completely electronic and hence the applicants are required to complete the formalities online. Aspirants, mainly the skilled workers keen to apply for the country PR, need to create an online profile along with an Expression of Interest (EOI) with relevant details, such as education, experience, qualification age, language, etc.

Canada Express Entry Point Based System

The system is point based and on the basis of their attributes and the Invitations to Apply ITAs, applicants with high points, are placed in the Express Entry Pool for further selection. In the second stage, i.e., the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the applicants get a chance to score up to 1200 points on the basis of personal attributes. Those with high CRS score are issued an ITA and given 60 days to claim PR.

Applicants Selected through Frequent Draws

Through frequent draws, the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has tried to make the selection process more transparent and systematic, even while, as mentioned before, the candidates with high score get a chance to claim PR.

Who stands a high chance of getting an ITA for Canada PR Visa?

Looking at the prevailing trend, since long, the CRS has been hovering between 480 and 538. If your CRS total is above 480 points, your chances of getting an ITA for the PR Visa are extremely high.

You can apply for PR with the help of a professional Canada Immigration Consultant. To get the best assistance, coordinate with them and make your immigration journey smooth!

Canada Express Entry Processing Time

The IRCC is committed to process the applications within just six months. It is the fastest time period for any country’s immigration programmes though at times the time period may vary depending on the applicant’s visa application, and documents.

Not all applicants who have created an online profile are selected. Those who fail to meet the eligibility criteria will be required to create a new online profile after one year. The validity period for the Express Entry Profile, from the date you have created your online profile, is 1 year. Post the duration, you are required to start afresh.


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