Work Out Canada Federal Skilled Worker Programme Requirements

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Programme Requirements

Canada is an amazing place for the skilled workers to work. The nation shares its borders with the US. Probably it is the only country that aggressively welcomes a large number of trained immigrants every year from almost every part of the world to work indefinitely. As most of the Canadian companies pay good wages trained manpower look forward to work in the nation. If you, too, want to work in the hotspot, you must go for the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP).

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Programme Requirements

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Programme Requirements

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Programme is a popular immigration category for the skilled workers and foreign professionals move to the destination through the popular Express Entry system. They are the professionals with the required skills, experience, qualification, language, age and capability to contribute towards the country’s economic wealth.

Under the Express Entry System candidates are ranked against others as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and candidates with the high points are given an Invitation to Apply (ITA)–a formal invitation to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) within 60 days.

Requirements for Canada Skilled Worker Programme

Candidates must fulfill certain requirements:-

Language Proficiency

You must face a language test and demonstrate at least intermediate language skills in French or English language as per the Canadian Language Benchmark 07.

Skilled Experience

An ideal candidate must have full time experience of at least one year in the last 10 years in a skill occupation listed in Skill Type 0, or skill level A or B of the National Occupational Classification (NOC), 2011.

Qualifying Score

Candidates must score not less than 67 points under the point grid which comprise of six selection factors.

Fіnаnсіаl backup

Before the candidate submits an electronic application for the PR he must be able to submit enough proof of funds to support themselves when they reach the hotspot.

Federal Skilled Worker Points Calculator

If the candidate meets the requirements for the FSWP they will be assessed on the basis of the following six factors:

  • Education, up to 25 points
  • Language proficiency, up to 28 points
  • Experience, up to 15 points
  • Age, up to 12 points
  • Prior job offer, up to 10 points
  • Adaptability, up to 10 points

Benefits of Federal Skilled Worker Programme

The nation offers excellent work environment for skilled professionals and it’s a pleasure to work here. Successful candidates enjoy many benefits and some of them are as follow:-

  • They can live and work anywhere in Canada, except Quebec.
  • Once they have lived and worked in the nation for three years they can apply for PR in the nation.
  • They can bring along their family, including dependent children below 21 years of age.
  • Once they become Canadian citizens thy can travel visa free to more than 70 countries


Canada Federal Skilled Worker Programme will not be fruitful for you, and you will not be given an entry, if you have a criminal background, have violated human rights, are a threat to the national security, are unhealthy, etc.



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    Can I apply for PR after working for years in Canada?

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      Thanks for your comment. Can you please send me your updated resume of self and spouse (if married) at [email protected] for evaluation and assessment process, post that my immigration lawyer will get in touch with you for further guidance.

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