Canada Immigration Beckons Electrical Engineers

Time to migrate to Canada for skilled Electrical Engineers is just perfect. As per some reports, the country is facing a serious shortage of such professionals and it is looking for them to meet the growing demand of across the country. Canadian cities–like Victoria, Regina, Winnipeg and Halifax–are most rewarding for skilled Electrical Engineers.

Given this, if you are a trained Electrical Engineer and interested in working in the nation, then you will be extremely pleased to know that many Canadian employers are ready to hire you and that too with the lucrative package. You can certainly use the following overview and streamline you visa application.

Canada immigration for Electrical Engineers

Job Profile – Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers are responsible for designing, planning, evaluating and conducting research and testing new electrical equipments and systems. The demand of such professionals is relatively high among the manufacturers of electrical equipments, electrical utilities, consulting firms, and communication companies among others.

They are often referred under various job titles, such as Meter Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Antenna Engineer, Signal Engineer and Radio and Television Broadcasting Systems Engineer.

Electrical Engineers–Some Important Facts

  • Due to an increase in infrastructure programmes and a severe transition towards knowledge based economy, it is expected that in the next five years the demand for these specialists will double.
  • Another reason for the increase in the demand of these experts is that a large number of such professionals are either about to retire or have been promoted to higher position.
  • Some experts on the issue believe that the demand of such professionals will be met through immigration. The country targets and encourages such professionals to immigrate to its territories.
  • The pay package for these professionals starts from CAD $ 79,300 with experience and capability the amount may go up to $115,000.

Major Job Responsibilities

  • Carry out research and administer designing, operation and performance of electrical equipments and distribution networks, electrical communications, machineries, equipments and components.
  • Get ready an inventory of materials and develop a budget.
  • Report and design specifications for electrical equipments and systems.
  • Design and build up electrical components, equipments, and circuits.
  • Keep an eye on and supervise the installation and modification, test and check the operation of electrical equipments.
  • Administer and supervise the working of technologists, analysts, technicians and other engineers.

A large number of Electrical Engineers immigrate not out of choice but out of compulsion. Better opportunities, standard of living and economic stability are the main driving sources. Though the demand of Electrical Engineers is high in many countries, a large number of such professionals prefer Canada Immigration.

The North American country does not only pay them the best package based on their experience and education, but it also offers many benefits. To draw suitable talent, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) proffers attractive programmes, like Express Entry System, a complete online programme and prospective immigrates can easily use it to immigrate to their dream destination.

For complete information, applicants should consult the nearest Canada Immigration consultants who are well versed with the complete immigration process even as they make the immigration journey easy.


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