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Many people say that it is not very necessary to use the services of immigration consultancies, for immigration purposes. And, everything can be done without any help. Still, there are many positive aspects of employing the services of a consultancy. For example, one can save self from handling much documentation and going through a very tedious and tiresome process.

Those from Delhi, planning to immigrate to Canada, can contact licensed Canada Immigration consultants in Delhi. Canada is one of the most favoured immigrating destinations in the world even while it attracts around 200,000 immigrants wishing to settle there on a permanent basis.

Check properly to get the right one

As there are some cases about cheating and fraud in recent times, it is always better for a prospective immigrate to Canada to properly check for all the credentials of the service providers. It may be better to check out for things like:

  • To immigrate to Canada, as a permanent resident of the country, one needs a Permanent Resident Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Canadian Investor Visa program. Ensure that the consultancy works through the right channel.
  • Most of the licensed Canada immigration consultants in Delhi can be trusted for the quality of the service that they offer to their customers in handling the necessary processes with maximum efficiency and successfully completing the job within a reasonable duration of time.
  • Searching online can be the most convenient way to find out all the details about the licensed Canada immigration consultants in Delhi to avail the most reliable and committed service providers who are most equipped to deal with all the necessary processes and who have all the valid credibility to work as an overseas immigration consultants, especially for countries like Canada.

Immigration Visa & Work Permit Visa

Before anybody plans to immigrate to Canada, it is better to take into knowledge that there are actually two types of visas allowed by the Canadian Government. While a permanent residential visa or immigration visa entitles an individual to live and work anywhere in the country for an indefinite period of time, the working visa allows one to stay and work in the nation for a limited period.

There are also certain restrictions placed upon the type of employment that can be perused. While negotiating with any of the licensed Canada immigration consultants in Delhi regarding their services, it is important to ensure that the individual can apply for both the permanent or temporary residential visas.

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