Canada Immigration–A Dream To Die For

A foreign worker is a professional who works in a foreign country other than his native country.  The demand of such professionals is extensively high across the globe–both in the developing, and the developed countries. But if one looks at the fact file, the demand of such experts is relatively high mainly in developed countries with low population.

Canada is not an exception. Also known as ‘immigrants paradise’, it has been reported that a large number of skilled workers are required across the country. The demand of such workers is more than the supply across the various sectors in the nation.Canada Immigration PR Visa

It is a win-win situation both for the foreign workers and Canada. The country is second largest in the world yet it has relatively low population. It has been said about the country that it has been built by the immigrants, and till date immigrants have been a major contributor towards the nation’s economic growth.

As compared to other destinations, the employment rate in Canada is relatively low, it is expected that in next five years the unemployment rate will remain low, even as employment opportunities both for foreign workers and its citizens will grow.

The local labor market is competitive, and how fast you get an opportunity will largely depend on economic factors, education, experience, skills and the type of opportunity you are looking for.

Foreign workers bring along with them vast experience, foreign education, and skills. Generally, such employees open the mind set and experiment with new techniques, give individual inputs and viewpoints, in the process, opening doors for new techniques and opportunities.

You may either seek for an opportunity before you arrive in the nation, or once you have reached the country, but remember the type of visa you wish to acquire and whether the opportunity will require employer sponsorship.

Canada Immigration & Language Skills

For foreign workers who wish to work in the country, it has two official languages–English and French. To increase your chances of getting a good opportunity, brush your language skills. Across the nation, English is widely spoken. French is the official language of Quebec province, and is widely spoken in Manitoba, New Brunswick and Ontario. Good language skills are really important. To fast settle in the country you may choose to focus on one of the two official languages.

To meet the growing demand of foreign workers, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the official Canadian immigration body, has taken an initiative and introduced an electronic system ‘Express Entry’. Through the system, except Quebec a large number of foreign workers are recruited across the country in various fields, such as engineering, web designing, IT, etc.

A Piece of Advice  

As a prospective immigrant, you might be really struggling to get a right opportunity. However at this stage, take the help of an immigration expert who will not only help you in the right direction but will also simplify the immigration process and make the immigration journey easy and smooth.

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