Canada Immigration Enhanced Entrepreneur Start Up Visa

Toronto, October 21, 2013 — Honorable Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Mr. Chris Alexander announced new inclusions in the ambitious Entrepreneur Start Visa by instituting an additional classification of business incubators. The new scheme has been incorporated into the scheme to facilitate the creamy layer of business expertise to enter the country.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has roped in Canadian Association of Business Incubation (CABI) to provide necessary guidance and expertise in making this program a success and CIC will start accepting requests under this scheme from October 26, 2013.

As per the minister, to guarantee a long term solution to the challenges posed by the job market and labor pool of Canada, the authorities have set up an elaborate scheme that would not only help the bets innovating business talent from different parts of the globe to get access to country but also help resolve the issue of creating more employment venues for the local populace. The latest incorporation aims at creating a framework that would enable the immigrating business owners to seek assistance and support of the highly acknowledged business Start Up assistance system of Maple country to establish new enterprise and use the network of incubator agencies to firmly set their footing in Canadian business environment.

The new scheme i.e. SUV for innovative foreign business owners is a parallel stream to the already implemented venture capital and investor segments. It is being envisaged that this policy of facilitating promising immigrant business owners to use the initializing support would

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in-turn would bring in rich returns for Canadian economy as it would ensure enhancing business competence of Canada on global level but also help it surge ahead of the competition. It is being expected that the country’s economy will be able to derive immense benefits from such a scheme and sustain its reputation as a true global economy.

Various business start assistance and support agencies would assist enterprising Entrepreneurs In Canada with useful counseling and support and assist them in contacting investors to generate capital and expand new enterprise into sustainable commercial organization which in turn would create employment in country.

CIC has already appointed approved business incubator agencies and intends to finalize 5 more in due course of time. The upgraded list of SUV participant agencies will be available October 26, 2013 onwards on the official CIC website.

Canada Immigration Enhanced Entrepreneur Start Up Visa will accept a total of 2750 requests annually from willing migrants for a period of 5 years i.e. the tenure of the pilot SUV scheme. To know more on this program and eligibility parameters you can approach us. We are experienced and widely acknowledged Canadian visa specialist migration agency.


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