Canada Immigration EOI System Is Going To Change Or Unchange

Beleaguered is the true term for the situation in which the the Canadian employers are working, as they struggle consistently to locate the suitable expertise to carry out

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critical tasks at vital installations and locations. The local expertise is either missing altogether, or it unprepared to abide by the requirements of the employment, in which a relocation to distant corners, or far from highly urbanized areas may be needed. The local labor is unwilling and the authorities are indifferent to the plight of the local employers. Canada Immigration even after being given a significant facelift has proven to be ineffective, as the application processing times still vary between 16 months to 30 months.

Some industry experts have started raising their dissatisfaction at the way the current statutes of Canada Immigration policy are being planned and implemented by the bureaucrats sitting the administration. The employers have started thinking that bureaucracy is least interested in resolving the issues being faced by the stakeholder sectors, and it is toeing the line of the political leaders who are more bothered about addressing the concerns of the electorate.

The current Canadian migration system is infected by a slow moving application evaluation procedure, which presents the biggest challenge not only for the immigrants, but also for the Canada Immigration department staff. The current edition of the skilled migration system banks on the first come, first serve procedure, which delays the location and evaluation of the appropriate profiles.

The new proposed EOI system, although promises numerous benefits, like faster

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evaluation of the profiles within 6 months of applicants being issued advice to advance with the filing of application for permanent residence, the government has already introduced certain provisions into the working framework of the Canada Immigration EOI System – 2015, which may hamper the smooth functioning of the skilled migration policy.

The EOIs will be assessed and gauged for suitability and retained in the prospective list, from which the suitable profiles will be shortlisted and advised to submit application for permanent residence. But there is one major flaw in the system which the experts and analysts are already talking about, i.e. the EOIs will not be available for access by the

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employers as the selection will be the sole premise of the government of Canada. This procedure is infested by an inherent drawback as the prospective employers will not have access to the critical skills like IQ and EQ levels, immigrants approach towards work and their attitude towards other employees, etc.

Some people are already thinking about the relevance and effectivity of the upcoming changes. They are struggling to find out whether Proposed Canada Immigration EOI System Is Going To Change Or Unchange the plight of employers and immigrants?


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