Canada Immigration Express Entry Opens This January 2015

Finally the much awaited Canada Immigration Express Entry program is going to be launched with a big bang. The Canadian authorities are exuding confidence and are quite sure that the new system would eventually prove to be a viable and practical solution for long term issues connected with skilled migration system of the country. Although the advanced functioning process is yet to be revealed by the authorities, the basic steps of the process, i.e. details of the selection parameters have been released by the authorities.

We have been able to get answers to lot of our own and our client’s queries and we are in a position to extend some essential and perhaps some critical details with our clients, followers and readers.

As it is quite evident from the release of preceding and existing dossiers by the Canadian authorities that Canada Immigration Express Entry would function as a two step program, i.e. creation of profiles in form of an electronic document better called Expression Of Interest of EOI by the willing candidates and subsequent ranking of the profiles by the automated system in bank of profiles. The EOI creation and banking phase would be followed by selection phase in which the federal and provincial governments would be able to select the candidates who are deemed to be fit for settling down in the country.

The current edition of the skilled migration scheme is driven by the  an objective occupation list and the applications for the permanent residence are only accepted under those categories. On other hand, the Canada Immigration Express Entry is a flight away from all other conventional skills migration schemes as it would not rely on predefined required trades list but it would rather choose people on the basis of the requirement of skills in the country and the ability of the applicants to settle down in the country pretty easily. The candidates would also have substantiate that they have worked for at least one year in the last 10 years immediately preceding the date of submission of EOI. The EOIs registered in the system would then be stored in a single pool rather than being categorized under separate program heads.

Express Entry The Electronic Platform

The Canada Immigration Express Entry – EE would work as an intelligent automated platform that would interact with the applicants at all steps, i.e. it would prompt the applicants to submit important details concerning the personal profile like name, age, marital status, etc. ask the applicants to supply inputs about the academic accomplishments and professional exposure in the specific area of specialization of applicants and their spouses, and also about the linguistic skills of self and spouse.

The introduction of new system would make it essential for the applicants and their spouse to write language assessment tests (for English or French, the official languages of the Maple leaf country) and provide valid substantiated references. Another input that would essentially be required would be the reference of the skills assessment report.

The New Assessment Parameters

After Canada Immigration Express Entry Opens This January 2015, Canadian skills migration system analysis process would also undergo a major revamp as the profiles would be assessed on basis of certain parameters and granted a maximum of 1200 points. The parameters would include the listed criteria

  • Human capital value like age, level of education, language skills, practical exposure, etc.
  • Whether candidate has employment offer from a Canadian employer or a provincial nomination.

The talks about the introduction of latest system has evoked curiosity among the applicants and many people are gearing up for new year.


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  • I am wishing to apply through express entry program . my age is 52+ . I have passed Diploma of associate engineer in mechanical engineering ( 3 years after secondary school , i have also done BBA honors ( 4 years ) .i am working as Finance Manager for the last 8+ years. i have also attested my education credentials assessed from ICAS. Also i have IELTS result 7, 6.5 6.5, 6.5 . I would like to know how many chances i have to qualify to get an ITA. if not so can you arrange LMIA for me and how much it will cost.

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