Interested In Canada Immigration From India?

What is common between India and Canada? Well, if you are wondering, then you will realize once you visit the latter that a part of the former lives there. You will not just see Indians but also signs and boards in the Maple Leaf Country written in Punjabi.

So, if you are looking for immigration from India to Canada, one thing is evident: you will never feel like left out in there. Multiculturalism is one of the traits that you find in the overseas hotspot that attracts many.

If you want to make Canada your future adobe, you can do so in the best way this year with the introduction of “Express Entry” to facilitate the movement. In case you are wondering that how Express Entry can help aspirants from India immigrate to Canada, well, the answer to this query is through its skilled immigration programme.

This year the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has been adamant towards checking bogus immigration through their antediluvian first-come-first-serve basis that was putting additional pressure on the economy.

Hence, the authorities decided to develop an immigration system that takes only skills into consideration and allows only skilled and efficient individuals to immigrate. The authorities introduced the “Express Entry” system. Under this system, immigration can be facilitated through three ways:Canada Immigration From India

Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)

Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

For those folks looking forward to immigration to Canada from India, if you are availing the FSWP, you will have to satisfy some basic requirements and those will be there for all of these programmes.

So, take a look at the requirement that these programs seek.

Federal Skilled Workers Programme

  1. You must have 1,560 hours of work experience in one full year for facilitating the immigration to happen.
  2. You must be engaged in the paid work.
  3. The job that you have done should reflect in the NOC list of the country.
  4. You must fall in the skill type of 0, A or B for ensuring that you are allowed to move.

Federal Skilled Trades Programme

  1. You must have offer from any Canadian based employer in a specific trade.
  2. You should possess proficiency in English and French for streamlining the movement.
  3. You must plan to live outside Quebec.
  4. You should be qualified enough to meet the desired educational level that is set for the trade that you are willing to get engaged into.

Canadian Experience Class

  1. If you want to exploit the CEC programme to make it to Canada from India, you must have one full year of experience in any job that was in demand in the Maple Leaf Country.
  2. Your experience has come with proper specialization and without any false and complicit methods.
  3. You must meet the required language proficiency level for streamlining the movement.
  4. You must plan to live outside Quebec.

If you fulfill these requirements that are sought in any of these programs, you can easily move to Canada from India without any problem whatsoever.



  • Gurdeep Singh Duggal

    I am a B Tech Mechanical ( Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering ) with 18+ years of experience in the field of HVAC & R I.e. Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning & Refrigeration. I have been into various diversified roles I.e. Service, Projects & Sales in different organisations.

    Regarding the Canada Immigration Program, I am looking forward for PR for myself and my family under FSWP.

    So shall look forward to hear from your side or mail in this context.

    Thanks & Regards

    Gurdeep Singh Duggal

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Gurdeep,
      Thanks for the comment.Sure we shall guide you.Kindly send us detailed resume of self and spouse at [email protected] ..we will do the assessment and let you know.

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