Canada Immigration FSW One Code Achieves Annual Cap – 49 To Go

Maple leaf country has all the best reasons for the immigrants to desire relocation to this land. Recent resurgence of the Canadian economy has made the desire all the more desperate and more and more people are finding themselves inclined to residing and working this country. The authorities of this country on other hand are equally interested in offering permanent Canada Immigration to the qualified candidates as the influx of competent workforce does not only ensure a constant supply of proficient expertise to fulfill the gaps of skills in the local labor pool, improve the competence level of work force but also allow in fresh blood and talent into the country.

The maple leaf country has been considered to be the best location among all the influential countries as it does not only truly offer an unrivalled opportunities for career progression to the new comers but also offers a high level of ethnic safety to the inhabitants. The social set-up is quite absorbing and it easily creates room for any new entrants into an existing set-up. The immigrants have also played a pivotal role in the development of this country and have made critical contributions in every sector of the country’s economy. The government of this nation also believes that inwards migration in skills and business or investment has always come in handy when it comes to changing the fate of the country. To continue and sustain the pace of development, CIC has established several skilled migration schemes to attract and invite qualified and  competent immigrants.

The federal skilled Immigration Scheme Canada FSW is one such scheme that has served migration aspirants for over a decade now. The grossly revised version of this program was launched in 2014 with 2014 May and as expected it started receiving an overwhelming response from the aspiring applicants. The scheme was initialized with 50 trades in engineering, management, teaching, technologists, health care professions and other critical occupations, etc.. The program is going to accept 25000 requests from various parts of world in which each trade code has been allotted a maximum annual number sealing of 1000 requests each.

As far as the progress of this scheme is concerned, the close observers suggest that this edition of federal skilled migration scheme has redefined the way a successful policy can actually attract fitting aspirants and make them place their place their applications a planned and phased manner. In the current scenario, (NOC 2174) Computer Programmers And Interactive Media Developers has already achieved annual number sealing for the current year.

This leaves 49 Canada Immigration FSW Codes  open for applications though another code NOC 1112—Financial and Investment analysts is also almost on the verge of being closed due to the trade code hitting the yearly quota of application numbers. This fact highlights an important aspect about the speed and efficiency, i.e. the people really interested in migrating to the Maple leaf country and having their trade codes included in the current edition of Canadian federal skills migration scheme should act fast.

The Canadian skilled migration system is on the verge yet another major overhaul as the complete Canada Immigration FSW policy is about to ripped off and shelved. The old set up would be replaced by a new online system from January 2015. The format and functioning of the new system is yet to be declared by the authorities.

The uncertainty about the strategy and format of the new proposed scheme makes the things fluid as nobody is yet clear as to who would be able to place request and how.


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