Canada Immigration vs. Hong Kong Immigration

Comparison is always done on the level playing field–be it the country, individuals or entities. So, whenever one is going for comparison, if there is a neck-to-neck competition, only the chooser would be perplexed, else it is a simple deal to break.

Canada immigration vs. Hong Kong immigration–now this is not at all a tough challenge and in this piece you will come to know why one should choose Canada over Hong Kong for immigration.

Now, any individual, no matter from where he belongs or which areas that are looking forward to, their first preference would always be a better world for the future. In comparison, the advantage would always rest with the economy with better stability, employment opportunities and educational standards, but paradoxical behavior is seen in the immigrants from Hong Kong fleeing Canada.

Hence, let’s take a quick look at the reason which has compelled them to move from Canada. In this case, Canada immigration vs. Hong Kong immigration, the paradox prevails.

Why are individuals from Hong Kong fleeing Canada?

A report which has sent ripples down the spine in the world has shown that from 1981 to 2011, there has been a huge exodus of individuals from Canada to Hong Kong. The exodus is primarily of those individuals who have got the citizenship of Canada.

Such developments have raised the panic button among individuals and they are looking forward to the reasons which have been driving this trend.

The failure in proper urban planning has raised the concern and the individuals are fleeing the Maple Leaf Country. There has been a sudden fall in the level of income in some of the areas in Canada, to name a few: Vancouver, British Columbia and Ontario, these concerns have destabilized the normal living standards, thereby, there has been an abysmal fall in the level of income of the immigrants.

Now, such developments are definitely a cause for concern and the inability to meet with the raising living cost has compelled the immigrants from Hong Kong to leave Canada.

Some of the other reasons which have fuelled the fire

Real Estate

It has been the prime culprit for the trend in Canada. The housing in the nation has been the main concern with a US$5,000 for per square foot has been a thing which has been haunting the immigrants. Their inabilities have definitely compelled them to leave the country.

Wages Plummet

When you are living abroad, the first thing which could make you comfortable is the right income, but it is unfortunate to note that the scenarios of the wages have dovetailed. The continuous fall in the wage rate in skilled worker category have made living in areas like Vancouver and British Columbia (BC) miserable.

These problems have to be catered to by the immigration departments and they should come up with the right solution to deal with it, else the trend is showing no signs of stopping.

For those individuals who are still looking forward to Canada since a positive step is awaited and it will be soon taken, they can straightway go for the Express Entry programme.

The country has launched the scheme to help bring skilled workers again in the country. It will use the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)–the point based method which would streamline the immigration. The immigrants will have to score the respective points. At present, the points have been fixed at 600 to qualify. So, if any individual gets 600 points out of 1,200, he can easily qualify for the movement to the nation.

Migration to Canada has been administered under three different programmes for the movement.

  • Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Individuals would be asked to meet with the requisite levels which have been sought under each of the three given programmes. Some may ask for skilled experience, whereas some may ask for the business acumen or Canadian experience. Hence, as an immigrant, you will have to think accordingly and apply for the scheme which best suits your skills.

The scenario in Canada is changing and it is always good to use the best programme for the movement.


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