Canada Immigration Beckons Mechanical Engineers

For those who are motivated to move abroad, Canada, also known as the Maple Leaf Country, is the most happening country. And, if you happen to be a skilled Mechanical Engineer with a dream to settle overseas, then you will be happy to know that your services are highly in demand in Canada.

For Mechanical Engineers, the country has many recruiters who are ready to hire them instantly. In order to meet the growing demand, the country proffers many immigration programmmes. You can easily streamline your visa application with the help of Canada Immigration Consultant.

Canada Immigration for Mechanical Engineers

The professionals are accountable for designing and developing machinery and systems for power generation, air conditioning, heating and ventilating and transportation. They also carry out research and monitor the installation and appraise the operation of mechanical systems and preserve them.

They are majorly employed by different manufactures, consulting groups, and transportation industries they may also choose to be self employed. They have alternated titles, such as Acoustics Engineer, Tool Engineer, Nuclear Engineer and Power Generation Engineer.

Key Duties

  • Design and build up machinery, carry out research, monitor installation and evaluate and maintain them.
  • Generate an inventory of materials and develop an estimated budget, administer projects, write reports and recommend and when required design new specifications for machinery.
  • Design equipments, tools, power plants and fixtures.
  • Study vibration and dynamics of structures and mechanical systems.
  • Bid for tenders for maintenance and industrial construction and prepare documents to sign contract.
  • Examine and study the reasons for mechanical failure
  • Check and run the installation and modification of mechanical systems in industrial facilities and construction sites.
  • Continue maintenance standards and schedules, review, examine and endorse designs and make an educated guess about cost.

Education Required

  • A bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from a recognized institute/university and/or on the job training may be required.
  • Higher education such as Master’s Degree or PhD, will surly fetch you a job at the higher designation.
  • They may also be required to obtain a license from a designated state or territorial authority.
  • Senior designation may require you to have at least five years experience.

Some Interesting Facts

  • By the end of 2020, the number of Mechanical Engineers required will double as a large number of such professionals are about to retire and a equal number will be timely promoted to higher designation.
  • Opportunities will also increase like never before due to heavy investment in infrastructure sector and a transition economy based on knowledge.
  • The increases in demand will be met only through immigration. The nation’s main target is to draw such professionals to come and work in the country.

A Mechanical Engineer may start with CAD $ 72,000 and with experience and performance the salary may rise up to CAD$ 117,000 per annum.


Mechanical Engineers who have chosen Canada Immigration have surely taken a right decision.


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