Canada Immigration Priority FSW Occupations List 2013

Canada Immigration Priority FSW Occupations List 2013 will focus primarily on the 24 trades that have been included in the tabulation. Authorities have extracted the trade codes from the NOC 2011 and will accept applications only under the indicated professions. The new tabulation that will be influence the current years FSW program is as followsGet-ready-for-canada

The program in the current year will focus on the people who will be able to score 67 marks in the revised critical profile analysis procedure.

The reviewed marks allocation procedure has been worked out on the grid system and will assess the profiles in completely new pattern that includes

  1. Age
  2. English linguistic skills
  3. Employment exposure in indicated profession
  4. Academic accomplishments
  5. Miscellaneous parameters that include
  • Arranged employment
  • Spousal linguistic skills
  • Presence of relations in Canada

The people in the age group 18 years to 35 years will be allocated highest marks i.e. 12 marks and these allocations will reduce with a year being added up in the age people above 46 years will not be allotted any marks for age.

Likewise in the revised Priority Canada Immigration FSW 2013 program academic criteria has also been revised and people intending to file for the migration will have to get their academic credentials assessed from a designated independent Canadian assessment agency and on basis of the positive assessment report received from them a migrant will be granted marks as follows

  • PhD – 25 marks
  • Post graduation – 23 marks
  • 2 or more post secondary qualifications – 22 marks
  • Post secondary qualification – 21
  • 2 year post secondary – 19
  • 1 year post secondary – 15
  • Secondary school – 5

There is increased thrust on the linguistic skills of applicants and it will be possible for migration aspirants to score maximum of 33 marks in total on grounds of primary applicant’s skills in one of first official language, second official language and linguistic skills of spouse i.e. the minimum threshold for primary applicants has been pitched at CLB 7 in English and NCLC 7 in French in all 4 departments of language and for spouse it has been pitched at CLB/NCLC 4. If the applicants can demonstrate their abilities in second official language at par with CLB/NCLC 5 they will be allotted 4 marks.

Besides these primary areas of focus other factors include employment exposure in indicated trade and other adaptability factors etc.

2013 Canada Immigration FSW Occupations List has created an annual sealing of 300 applications per trade code amounting to an overall number of 5000 applications for the current year program. To know more on this impending program contact Abhinav and get all the necessary details and information on all aspects of this much awaited program.

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