What Are Top Requirements for Canada Immigration Programmes for Entrepreneur?

Canada Immigration Programme

To meet the specific requirements of the migrants in Canada, various plans are executed from time to time. Depending on their skills and preferences, different Canadian provinces and territories are picked by the applicants from across the globe. In an effort to invite more migrants the IRCC has set-up Provincial nomination Programme (PNP). This particular programme facilitates hassle-free migration and makes the entry to the concerned region a cakewalk.

Canada Immigration Programme

Canada Immigration Programme

When an entrepreneur targets Canada immigration programme, he needs to meet the requirements of that specific province or territory he wishes to move in. The Maple Leaf Country is one of the most sought after migration destinations, and it provides all useful information and help to the wishful migrants.

The process of migration under the Start-Up category starts with the submission of Expression of Interest (EoI) online and ends with seizing of the Canadian citizenship. When a person shows interest in immigration to Canada he is asked some questions, and depending on these answers, he is assigned some points. These points collectively decide his immigration fate. This is the assessment grid and the top scorer, under this assessment, is invited to apply for Permanent Residency (PR).

The applicant is provided with all needful assistance that helps him successfully qualify for the visa. Calling for an interview in the province selected by the candidate is one such step in this regard. By personally visiting the place he gets clear idea as to what are the expectations and how he can sustain his living there.

Canada Immigration Programme for Entrepreneur Requirements

The requirements for the scheme vary and are not the same across the 10 provinces and 3 territories of the nation. Still an effort is made here to give you an idea about it.

Investment–An applicant who is invited to apply for PR needs to make certain investment in the preferred province. Every province has different investment requirements, like in Manitoba an expat needs to invest 350,000 Canadian Dollars, whereas if he wishes to move to Nova Scotia then 150,000 Canadian Dollars investment is expected from him.

The important point that an applicant need not forget is that this is the monetary requirement for investment or business, and to sustain his living there he needs more funds apart from this. The candidate requires proving that the invested money is legally earned by him.

Experience–For immigration on the grounds of entrepreneurship, the candidate should possess enough experience to independently handle the business activities, and to manage the progress of the business, he needs to actively participate in it, by regular visiting the business site.

Language Proficiency–Knowledge of French language acts like a boon in the Maple Leaf Country. A candidate, who is well versed in English and French languages, is more likely to get an approval from the concerned authorities. Though, passing the ILETS Exam is mandatory for all provinces.

Fitness Record–An applicant with health issues are denied the right to enter the nation.

Character Certificate–There is no place for criminal and lawbreakers in the Maple Leaf Country. The applicant needs to prove his character by submitting a police verification certificate obtained from the authorized center.

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