Immigration to Canada Made Easier

In the backdrop of the province of Quebec cutting down the qualifying marks for its provincial immigration programmed, called the Quebec Skilled Workers Programme (QSWP), a new gush of helpful aura for overseas people–who have been making efforts to obtain a Canadian Permit–has allegedly become visible.

There is also a plus point to this news report as the province has done away with the feature of the local knowledge appraisal from the much talked about and widely covered programme.

Quebec Skilled Workers Programme

Though the scheme is rather comparable to the federal scheme for Canada immigration, it has comparatively more easy terms, requirements even while the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is given on the point basis.

Through the plan, points are proffered for different fields, to be exact, training, experience, education, age, language, qualifications of a spouse or other half, job offer, and kids.

While 49 is the bare minimum score for a single candidate, 57 is that for a wedded aspirant. Language point may be up to the highest of 22, even while the first choice is reserved for French (16 more points) and English (6 more points). For training, the point of a candidate varies from 6 to 16.

The area of training has been changed in 2015, and the aspirant requires to be given training in fields of professions in demand, like; for instance, careers at Canada health center, and careers at the Canadian consular office. Additional points are to be provided to the aspirants with degree in particular regions.

Application Cycle

Application dates are subject to declaration by the Canadian administration. Last petitions were between April 1, 2014 and March 31 this year. Given the fact that the selection, more often than not, goes on by first come first serve ground, it counseled to Canadian Permit aspirants to keep their petition ready. The numbers reveal that this year approval was given to a combined total of 6,300 candidates, and this is incredibly less, vis-à-vis 2013 when the count stood at 20,000.

In case a person is keen to submit an application for Canada Immigration at any time of the year–excluding the declared application dates–then it is mandatory for him to be armed with a valid employment offer.

Obtaining Advantage

Despite the fact that it is very much obvious that the QSWP is more interested in candidates on first come first serve ground, there’s no reason why one’s chances cannot be multiplied in case an applicant simultaneously applies, via the Express Entry System–the federal scheme to grant permit to work in the Maple Leaf Country. The reason: now and then Quebec may choose from the applicant pool of the system.


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