Canada Immigration–What Happens When You Are Caught For Presenting Bogus Information?

Canada has a diverse culture and it witnesses immigration on a humongous scale. However, the immigration laws in the country are not as simple as one may interpret it to be. To have professional immigration consultants for Canada will always improve the chances of getting the immigration finalized.

Immigration Scam in Canada

Immigration is an area which can easily put any smart individual to shame. There are greater chances when one can be defrauded through smart thugs in the form of professional immigration consultants for Canada.

The worst part about the immigration fraud is not just the money which one loses. Rather, they are also blacklisted for some specific countries if some errors are found in the document. So, there is always a possibility of double jeopardy while choosing wrong immigration agents.

How the Scam Proceeds or Shapes?

There are many immigration agencies with flowery promises, like quick work permits, high paying jobs, even some go beyond the possibilities like scholarships to students.Immigration to Canada

So those potential immigrants who are wishing for the movement must keep in mind these smart gimmicks. In most cases, the immigration services would claim to help your application get the desired consideration, but one thing which should be important to know for immigrants is the rules.

In the immigration programme to Canada, there is not biasness followed at any point of time, and if consideration is given, it is given to those only who are meet with all the requirements in the immigration programme, and have secured the necessary points for the movement.

Things That an Immigrant Must Know in the First Place before Applying to Canada

  • Most of the times, the potential immigrants are always fooled due to their ignorance. So, the next time when you venture out for immigration attorneys, one must make sure that you are not confining yourself to lawyer, consultant, Quebec Notary, Paralegal regulated notaries appointed by the law society. These people are not the veterans for the job. However, if you do, you must be careful enough not to take their bait.
  • Most immigration agents and representatives would promise that they have special connection with the Canadian Immigration Department, and they are capable to help bring about a difference in the probabilities. Cut the truth is not what they tell. While assessing the immigration, only consideration is given to those individuals who have the right skills.
  • Most of the immigrants perform the blunder of furnishing wrong documents at the time of the immigration. Hence, as an immigrant, one must always avert this scenario. The consequences are such which can lead to permanent ban. If the self proclaimed professional immigration consultants for Canada request you to furnish false documents, one must never fall prey to them.

What Happens When You Are Caught For Presenting Bogus Information?

If you are caught doing so, these are the following punishments which are likely to follow.

  • There will be no entry granted to Canada for a period of at least five years. In most cases, it may also lead to permanent ban.
  • There will be a record of fraud included in the data base of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  • If you have moved through the fraudulent visa and it has been detected, permanent deportation to the country of origin without any consideration.
  • You may also face prison term also in some of the cases.
  • Most immigration agents would likely suggest marriage as an alternative for getting into Canada. In most cases, they may arrange for false bride and groom, but never let that happen. If you are caught by the immigration agents, the outcome would be something which you would not like.
  • The visa fees are uniform across the world and if the visa attorney is charging exorbitantly due to the location of the place of application, never be fooled by their smart gimmicks.
  • Most immigration attorneys or those who self claim to be professional immigration consultants for Canada may ask to deposit the money in some personal bank account. You must never do that. Go for organized ways while paying for their services.

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