Canada Investment Visa Requirements Decoded

Canada Investment Visa Requirements

Different pathways are followed to claim the Canadian residency and seizing the opportunity of investment is one such trail that people opt for, for the object of immigration. Though the selected pathway depends on individual requirement, making an investment in the country helps in migration with family and grabbing Permanent Residency (PR) easily. Let’s talk about Canada Investment Visa.

Canada Investment Visa Requirements

Canada Investment Visa Requirements

Canada Investment Visa

It’s the most flexible visa category where the wishful applicant enjoys many benefits. Plus, they get many aids and grants that help them settle in the country and explore its resources. This category helps the aspirants get an Immigrant Investor Visa and later citizenship after three years of residency in the nation.

The promising proposal is for all those wishful managers and businessmen who want to get citizenship. Best of all is the liberal rules, such as no specific educational requirements, no age limits, and no language requirement. But it is expected that the investor-applicant knows English, so that he converses easily with the residents.

It is one of the golden opportunities available to the businessman and managers in the world. Through this gateway, your family takes 30 months to unite with you. When the family members complete their tenure of three years PR, they are also blessed with citizenship.

Canada Investment Visa Requirements

To successfully qualify for this specific trail, meet its eligibility criteria-

  • One of the foremost requirements of the mentioned programme is that both the persons–the applicant and his spouse– should own a minimum of 1, 6000000 Canadian Dollars. This capital should have been earned through carrying-out legal activity in your home country. Your initial amount clears the hurdles of the immigration track, and you jump one notch closer to the migration ladder.
  • You must own a company at least for two years out of the last 5 years. In case you are not an owner of the company while submitting the application, then you need to prove that you hold two years of managerial experience during the last few years.
  • You should be ready to make an investment of half of your initial capital funds, i.e., 800000 Canadian Dollars. This is the mandatory investment even while it has to be met while targeting Investor Visa. This money is invested for a period of five years.

How your capital amount is used?

When an applicant gets approval for the Investment Visa, he needs to deposit the entire amount in the bank or brokerage firm selected by the Canadian Government. This investment is made for a period of five years with 0% interest. In an effort to provide financial assistance to the investor, you may choose to pay onetime financial fees and still enjoy the status of the investor of the country. You can pay one time fees of 240000 Canadian Dollars and then you can do whatever you want to do with your money.

The investment made by the migrant-applicant is utilized towards raising the standards and resources of the concerned province in the country. The sum is also given to the different financial institutions so that they circulate the amount in the economy and maximum people get advantage from it.


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