Introduction of New Application Form for Canada Permanent Residency

According to a report, to make the process of immigration applications more effective and less time consuming, the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration . Department will introduce a new form for the applications of permanent resident which will be  named as ‘Generic Application Form for Canada’ (IMM0008). This new form will be available to people from July 18, 2011.

The report also informs that this new form will replace all existing Canadian PR application forms and will modify all the applications receiving from both inside and outside Canada. This modification is administrative requirement, but not legislative. This modification is done in accordance with transformation initiative of the Canadian Immigration Department.Free Assessment form

The ‘Generic Application Form for Canada’ is considered to be a rational continuation from temporary residents to permanent residents. It combines several different forms for PR and creates one general application for every permanent residence category.

The features that are introduced in the new form include:

  • Applicants can save an incomplete application to complete it at later.
  • In order to help the applicants with their completion of the form, they will be electronically prompted through the use of drop down lists.
  • After the completion and validation of the applications are done online by the candidates, a bar code will be provided.
  • According to this new modification, the Schedule A Background or declaration is now IMM5669 and all applicants above 18 years of age will be able to complete it.
  • The new IMM0008 will replace the in-Canada PR applications (IMM5202, IMM5001 and IMM5002).
  • The sponsorship application form and the sponsorship agreement form will be merged into one form which will be known as Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking.
  • This will create a complete PR application that will improve the processing of the applications.

To achieve efficiency in the processing of applications, the applicants are asked to complete the form electronically by the Immigration Department of Canada. However, applications completed by hand will also be accepted till March 31, 2012.Check Your Eligibility


A recent report informs that in order to make the process of immigration applications more effective and thus to save time, the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Department is going to introduce a new form called ‘Generic Application Form for Canada’ (IMM0008).

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  • amina yasin

    sir / madam,
    my immigration papers have been returned as i mistakenly sent the copy of ielts result, now when i resend them do i type new immigration papers or send the old ones (they are marked by the immigration office)
    second, my son will be 18 in a few days, but i am the main applicant… does he has to fill the forms too?
    please reply,


    I was impressed with the newly resident visa application form,i’ve been tried all best possible to secure CANADA visa since.I will appreciate it if this new application is favoured me.Many thanks Sincerely Yours;AGBENIGA AKEEM

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