Figure Out Canada Nova Scotia Nomination Programme in Detail

The much talked about and the extensively used Canada Nova Scotia Nomination Programme is the provincial programme run by the Canadian province of Nova Scotia to welcome migrants from all over the world to the region under several easy-to-follow visa categories.Free Assessment form

To put it differently, the Canada Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme is basically a two stage petition procedure which enables the administration of the province to hire and choose the immigrants who plan to settle in the region, and possess the expertise, education, and more importantly, job experience that would play pivotal and make handsome contributions to the specific labor market and economic requirements of the region.

Canada Nova Scotia Nomination Programme

Canada Nova Scotia Nomination Programme

A not-too-high cost of living and a rather high quality of life make the province an amazing and reasonable place to reside in. Different bodies tailored to assist and guide you find job opportunities, make language skills better, or register in university eventually make the switch much easier.Check Your Eligibility

Friendly and warm people will make you feel that you are home, even while safe societies will put you at ease. And the province has a health-care structure that puts individuals first — it is based on requirements, not the capability to make payments. Welcome to the region where a 100% safe and secure environs, reliable individuals, and chances for your future proffer you the liberty to attain BIG things.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Programme Eligibility Required

Though the visa candidates are not required to have a permanent, full-time job offer from a regional recruiter/firm when they present their petition, they should plan to get involved with a job in a profession that is in demand in the region.

Additional requirements

  1. Those who are from 21 to 55 years old have an edge.
  2. Education, training and abilities should be as per the job-opening applied.
  3. You have not less than 24 months of nonstop full-time job experience inside the previous 5 years, in a domain of work related to your planned line-of-work in the province.
  4. You must have satisfactory English language skills.
  5. Adaptability to reside in the region is also required.
  6. You must have adequate funds to take care of yours and your family needs in the region.
  7. Applicants must also maintain not less than 11,000 dollars for self and 2000 dollars for every candidate.

Nova Scotia Nominee Programme Streams

You can move to the province under any of these streams, namely, Skilled Worker, Regional Labour Market Demand, and Family Business Worker.

Skilled Worker Stream

Overseas graduate from either a college or university of the Maple Leaf Country, with an offer of job from a recruiter of the province, will be in a position to submit petitions for the cherished Permanent Residency (PR) under this particular class.

Trained manpower are identified as those people under the NOC skill level O, A or B. Petitions under higher skilled professions will be preferred, vis-à-vis the semi-trained labor force and low skilled labor force classified under the NOC skill level C and NOC skill level D, in that order.

With a view to be qualified for the class stream, you must, among others:

  1. Have obtained a permanent and full-time job offer in the region, in either a skilled or semi-skilled line of work.
  2. Possess adequate education and work experience for the position and meet any licensing & certification needs.
  3. Prove ability in either English or French.

As the recruiter, you must:

  1. Be duly registered in the province and have run a firm/venture for not less than two years.
  2. Make a permanent, full-time employment offer.
  3. Carry-out a compliant employment drive.

Regional Labour Market Demand

In order to be qualified for the class, you must, among others:

  1. Be armed with satisfactory qualifying education and job experience.
  2. Plan to do a job in a suitable line-of-work.
  3. Illustrate skill in either English or French.

It is also mandatory that every eligible candidate duly completes an employment settlement plan to make the grade for this category.

Family Business Worker

This class assists the recruiters/firms to sign-up employees who are near relatives and possess the experience of work and required expertise for the diferent job-openings for which the job-providers were unable to fill them with either Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Before submitting the petition under this scheme, it is compulsory that the family business worker have a permanent job offer for full time from a local recruiter/firm, who is a near family member, and is the owner of a well-established firm/venture in the region.

In order to be qualified for the class, you must, among others:

  1. Possess a permanent and full-time employment offer from a close family member.
  2. Possess satisfactory education and work experience for the position and meet any needs related to licensing & certification.
  3. Illustrate skills in either English or French.

As the recruiter/job-provider, you must either have citizenship or permanent residency in the nation, and:

  1. Have not less than 33% of a business which has been in existence for a period of not less than two years.
  2. Make a permanent, full-time work offer to a close relative.
  3. Present reproductions of the latest financial statements.Click Here

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