Canada PNP programs without job offer requirement

Canada PNP is an extensive part of the express entry system launched in 2015 to allow eligible applicants to enter Canada in different provinces. Each province and territory has its own set of eligibility requirements and nomination streams. The system is designed to address each province or territory’s specific labor market and economic needs. And it provides pathways for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals with the necessary skills and qualifications to contribute to the local economy.

Canada PNP programs without job offer requirement

The PNP generally operates in two main streams: the Express Entry stream and the non-Express Entry stream. The Express Entry stream is synced with the programs such as the Federal Skilled Trades Program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. And nominations are issued to the candidates in the Express Entry pool who meet the specific criteria of a particular province or territory. However, candidates of the non-Express Entry stream must meet the province-specific eligibility of the PNP program, such as in-demand occupation.

Notably, the specific eligibility criteria, application processes, and nomination quotas for the Canada PNP can vary among provinces and territories. Below is the list of PNP Programs that do not require job offers:


  • Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP): The Alberta PNP allows the province to nominate candidates from the federal Express Entry pool who have strong ties to Alberta and can contribute to the labor market and economy. Must achieve a base level score in IELTS or CLB for language and have sufficient funds.


  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP): The Human Capital Category of Ontario PNP includes streams like the Human Capital Priorities Stream and French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream, which does not require a job offer but may require skills and experience in demand in the province. Applicant must have a minimum bachelor’s degree, CLB level 7, and sufficient funds.


  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP): Nova Scotia PNP targets candidates in the federal Express Entry pool with work experience in occupations in high demand in the province. And it does not require a job offer similar to Alberta PNP.


  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP): The PEI PNP operates streams such as the Express Entry Stream and the Labor Impact Category, which allows individuals to migrate to PEI without a job offer. The Business Impact Category also caters to entrepreneurs and business owners.


  • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP): Unlike Ontario PNP, the Saskatchewan PNP has streams like Saskatchewan Express Entry as well as Non-Express Entry Occupations In-Demand. It means if an applicant does not meet the eligibility of Express Entry, they can apply for the Saskatchewan occupation in-demand pathway if their occupation is in demand in the province.

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