Canada Seeking Indian Professionals For Express Entry

There is an air of enthusiasm among the migration aspirants in India as more and more are intending to shift to the Maple leaf country through various skilled immigration schemes. The skilled migration scheme has got to be an attractive scheme as it offers permanent residence of Canada To Professionals that gives them an unimpeded freedom of exploring the employment opportunities and residence anywhere in the country. Moreover, the PR visa provided by this scheme also enables the families and especially the children to access the government assistance and the free educational facilities.

The skilled immigration system of this country extends lots of other benefits like people entering the country on the basis skills migration can pursue any profession that they feel fit for and in fact people of India who spend most of their lives sticking to the occupations they have been once branded with find it quite refreshing in the working environment where they stand a chance of switching over the professions to improve the chance of making a better living.

The Canadian government has some good surprises in store for the immigration aspirants in India in form of a new program called Express Entry For Professionals. The latest scheme is a revolutionary concept in itself as it promises speed, predictability up to a certain level and also a good chance of being selected.

The chance of being selected for the permanent resident visa would be automatically enhanced by inclusion of selection by merit system instead of the age old and obsolete first come first serve basis. With the incorporation of  Canada Express Entry the government would be able to recognize crane out of the chicken with the help of the new selection strategy, i.e. the yet to be incorporated concept would rank the profiles on the basis of the marks scored by each profile. The new system is believed to be equipped and armed with certain more adaptive concepts and functions that would enable highlighting of better profiles in the bank of profiles

The people submitting their profile would have to go through two important preliminary processes, i.e. obtaining a positive skills assessment advice on their educational proofs and writing an approved language test to substantiate and evidence the language skills in English or French (the official languages of the country).  The personal details and the document references would be extracted from the applicants at the time of creation of profile to be better known as expression of interest or EOI. The electronic profile would be assessed critically by the Canada Express Entry evaluation mechanism. The evaluation criteria would include gauging following parameters, i.e.

• Age

• Education

• Work experience in the field nominated in the EOI

• Linguistic skills in either of the official languages of the country, i.e. English or French

• Adaptability possibility, i.e. spousal language

The marks scored by each profile in this process would enable the system to place the profiles as per score and store in the bank of profiles. One major notable point in this aspect is that the people having employment offers in hand would also be considered on priority. Besides this, the people able to obtain sponsorship endorsement from a willing state would also be considered for the permanent entry permit. People not having a job offer or PNP endorsement could be selected on basis of merit. Canada Is Surely Seeking Indian Professionals For Express Entry and this aspect is more relevant now.

The wiling aspirants should start preparing for the new scheme as immediately as possible. Start by approaching an expert for consultation and compiling papers for EOI submission.

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