Canada Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 2015 Proffers Several Benefits to Immigrants

This year is certainly going to be a landmark year in the history of Canadian immigration, the old and botched “first-come-first-serve” entry gateway programme has been done and dusted and it has been revamped with a completely new and unprecedented immigration entry program known as “Expression of Interest” or also known as “Express Entry”.

The best part about this specific programme is the technicality that it follows pertaining to movement. If you are using this scheme, you must have adeptness and prowess to make the maximum happen. This scheme explains it’s dynamic, and through a profound Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 2015, benefits to immigrants range cutting across multiple dimensions.

The first in the list is only skilled and those immigrants who are engaged in those jobs that are in real demand in Canada are allowed to move. Such dimensions have given more fillips to those immigrants who were finding it very hard to move in the past because of the “first-come-first-serve” scheme.

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and the Ministry involved for immigration took this bold initiative. And with the help of Skilled Occupation List (SOL), at present, the Canadian economy is also able to attract those investors that can really help the economy overcome its challenges.

At the same time, since this new parameters under the “Express Entry” have inducted a lot of professions–like technical sales specialist, masonry and plastering trades, printing press operators–under the NOC B Group occupation list.

At the same time, under the NOC A Group Occupation List: mangers in communication, managers in public protection, managers in food service and production and various other managerial and executives are getting the chance to apply with the requisite experience and move with flamboyance.

Thanks to the introduction of Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 2015 there would certainly be many benefits for the immigrants.

The best part about the SOL is that it will refine down the application for immigrants and they would have to contest among fewer numbers. So, it will help to harbor more possibilities of movement.

At the same time, since the SOL describes particular job along with the experience that should be met in the first place for streamlining the movement, it gives better opportunities to the immigrants for contesting among such tough competition and leaving a trail in the minds of the immigration authorities.

Hence, the SOL has got benefits that are balanced on both sides of the seesaw. On one side, the economy gets benefitted by getting the best immigrants, who would not end up being a liability for the country like it happened with the “first-come-first-serve” system.

At the same time, for the immigrants, it always helps them to use their experience and expertise as a conduit to help them live their dreams. And make the most from the knowledge, adaptability, efficiency and perseverance that they have gathered in their respective job.

To wrap it up in nutshell, the SOL of 2015 will benefit not just the immigrants but also the Canadian economy on the whole.


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