How to Acquire Canada Skilled Permanent Immigration?

Canadian government has become active towards attracting more foreign immigrants to their soil who can help fuel the economy and provide the much required stimulus for growth and development. This dream is very challenging. However, to make it sound simple and promising, “Express Entry” is the bridge that would provide the much needed support to fill the gap that the economy is facing.

Skilled permanent immigration is the best way that can help you move to Canada instantly. The “Express Entry” system provides an easy gateway to the Maple Leaf Country, but the only specific trait that it seeks is the resourcefulness in the immigrant.

Let’s take a brief look at how “Express Entry” system helps in streamlining skilled permanent immigration!

Under the system, you can move to the overseas hotspot under three broad programmes:

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The FSWP is the best resort for you if you are engaged in those specialized kind of work that are in high demand in the Canadian economy. You can figure-out the work in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) in the nation, and once you have found yourself suitable for the job, you can apply under the skilled workers category.

But, you are required to meet with certain basic requirement to acquire the skilled permanent immigration visa.


  • You must have 1560 hours of experience in one full year.
  • In the experience category, you must fall under a payroll. No consideration is given to internship.
  • You must also fall in the NOC skill type while getting the immigration facilitated.
  • These experiences should appear within the last 10 years and not prior to that.
  • If you are applying for FSWP, you must fall under skill type 0, A or B for facilitating the movement.
  • You should also meet with the minimum language proficiency in French language. However, in case of English, you must have 6.5 bands in the ILETS score.
  • Your education should be above graduation level, and you must master a specialized stream for procuring the skilled workers job. And, if you want to file for permanent residency, it is important that you hold any managerial or executive position in any Canadian company.


  • For acquiring permanent residency (PR) under FSTP, you must have a plan to stay outside Quebec.
  • You must have proficiency that is sought in English and French.
  • You are required to have two years of full time experience in any job that can fulfill the demand in the Maple Leaf Country.
  • You should have a full time employment offer from any particular employer for a period of one year.


  • You must have experience in working in Canada and that too for one full year and in any job that is in high demand in the country.
  • You must meet with basic language level that is sought by the immigration authorities in the nation.

So, if you meet with these requirements, you can definitely get skilled permanent immigration to Canada.


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