Canada Tourist Visa Application

Often this question surfaces–can one work in Canada if he has already successfully submitted a Tourist Visa Application? The answer is YES but under a very restrictive situation. And even for that at first you will have to apply for a Work Permit that, in most of the situation, will be allowed ONLY from outside of the country’s geographical limits.

Now the second question that comes to the mind pretty frequently is what Tourist Visa Application for Canada need to be used for the purpose of submitting an application for the visa.

Canada Tourist Visa Application

Canada Tourist Visa Application

Well, you need Canada Tourist Visa Application form IMM 5257, known as “Application for Visitor Visa for the object.

Significantly, you can apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) that the Tourist Visa is, on your own–online or via the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship and Canada (IRCC).

It may not be very difficult to apply or a Canadian Visitor Visa using your own skills and knowledge, despite the fact that the IRCC has set extremely high standards, and might decline to provide you with a Tourist Visa in case your Canada Tourist Visa Application is not filled out appropriately.

If the IRCC declines to offer you a Canadian Travel Visa, this may make things pretty difficult for you even as you may find it tougher to gain entry into the nation later. Hence, do things right the first time!

Despite the fact that a Canadian immigration agent may not be required if you are applying for a Canada Tourist visa, if you draft one, you won’t be harming your cause in any manner.

Applying To Work While In Canada

Coming back to the question–can your work in the country while you are a guest there in–well, as discussed before, you will need a separate Work Visa for the object.

But when you’re already inside the nation as a guest, chances are high that the IRCC will refuse to provide you with the visa and the right to work.

Only under very particular situations, you will receive the permission to do a job, and before that the right to apply for a Work Visa from inside the nation.

As per the IRCC, you may successfully submit a petition for a Work Permit inside the Maple Leaf Country under these particular situations:

  1. Your other half or parents have a legally valid Study or Work Permit.
  2. You wish to submit an application for a permit for a different type of job while you have a permit for your present work.
  3. You have a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) with a legal validity that’s lengthier than six months.
  4. As a candidate for the cherished Permanent Resident position while within the overseas hotspot, you sail through stages in the procedure that permit you to present a petition for a Work Permit.

As per the laws of the land, you’ll require paying the charges and figure out which particular offices you must submit an application through for the Work Permit. Even in case you get the permission to submit an application while you are inside the hotspot, you may require presenting the said application to a consulate that’s situated inside your native nation.


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