Canada Tourist Visa Information – 2 Most Common Application Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

Canada Tourist Visa–also known as Canada Visitor Visa–is one visa that’s much sought after. The reason: it helps the holders to easily visit the nation, to meet their family, friends, see tourist spots, or attend a business meeting. Since the visa is in demand, the requirement for the latest and the right Canada Tourist Visa Information is also naturally there.

The need for the right information on Canada Tourist Visa surfaces for another reason also–to evade the chances of the visa rejections. If you are one of those keen to get Canada Tourist Visa Information and stay ‘on the safer side’, check this blog!

Canada Tourist Visa Information

Canada Tourist Visa Information

Here, we will cover top 2 common errors that many aspirants make that result in Canada Tourist Visa denial. A thorough reading will equip you with the right Canada Tourist Visa Information.

So, here we go!

Top 2 Common Errors behind Canada Tourist Visa Rejections

  1. Incomplete and Unsigned Application Forms

Numerous petitions submitted for the Canada Tourist Visa are given back because these are either not completely filled, or the candidate forgot to put his signature on the application forms. In case a question is not applicable to your case, write not applicable. But under no circumstances whatever leave any segment of the application form completely blank. Besides, prior to you present your application forms, check with your friend or family member, and request them to appraise the forms, to guarantee the completeness of your application for Tourist Visit Visa.

  1. Incorrect Canada Tourist Visa Information

Many petitions are dismissed as these contain wrong information. So, at the time of furnishing Canada Tourist Visa Information on the application form, or presenting the different supporting documents, be honest and offer only 100% correct certificates/papers. Offering wrong details will not help or boost your chances of sanction. On the other hand, you could be prevented to gain admission into the hotspot for a period of time in case the visa official discovers about your lies and bogus papers. Presenting fake certificates/papers will only reduce the credibility of your petition and rejected for falsification of facts.

Significantly, many candidates end up committing these two and other similar mistakes since they lack the right guidance and help. To avoid these, and present your petition in the best possible manner, hire visa experts. But go for ONLY the authorized ones.

Ensure that the immigration advisor that you engage is a member of the Immigration Consultant of Canada Regularity Council (ICCRC). Employing the professional services of the unlicensed agent will lead to the denial of your Canada Visit Visa application.

Though there is not any hard and fast regulation for presenting the perfect Canada Tourist Visa application that would assure 100% sanction of the visa, the tips shared above will boost your sanction chances.

Contact Abhinav in case you want to hire an authorized consultant to certify that your Canada Visitor Visa application is 100% complete with no errors, to improve your chances of sanction!


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