Canada Visa Express–Do You Need Help from Professionals To Get It?

Canada Visa Express

It’s the decades old immigrant friendly environment that has given recognization to the Maple Leaf country as the top notch immigration destination and the Express Entry is just another star decorating the country’s immigration system. Let’s discuss about Canada Visa Express.

Canada Visa Express

Canada Visa Express

A large number of people have entrusted their belief in the country when it comes to fulfilling their dreams. If Canada immigration is on your mind, and you are thinking which particular visa system you should give priority to, then Express Entry is what you need to mull over.

From the point of view of the immigrants, the year 2017 looks rather promising. Overall, the country’s target is to welcome approximately 300,000 new immigrants as permanent residents to its shores, under its various immigration schemes. The number in itself is huge. Roughly 172,500 immigrants will be selected through the Express Entry system alone.

Express Entry – A Brief Note

It’s a system effectively used by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assess the eligibility of the potential immigrants. The system requires the prospective immigrants to create an online profile along with an Expression of Interest (EOI). Once the applicant creates an online profile, and his application is accepted in the system, he will have to wait to find out if his profile will enter the Express Entry Pool.

Note: – Only those who meet the eligibility criteria for one of the four primary economic plans of the country will enter the Express Entry Pool.

This stage is crucial as the Federal Government, the Provincial Government, and Canadian employers will be able to review your profile to be picked up for their economic benefits. The selected applicants will straight away be credited 600 CRS points or up to 200 CRS points for the qualifying job offer. Extra points will certainly give you more weightage in the grand total.

To successfully participate in the Express Entry, you must satisfy the eligibility criteria. If you fail to do so, your profile will not enter the Express Entry Profile.

Canada Visa Express

You might have an idea that skilled applicants are selected through frequent draws. Till date, 52 draws have taken place, the very latest, 52nd; draw took place on the January 11, 2017. Under the same the IRCC issued 3,334 invitations to the applicants who have scored 459 points or above under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). For the very first time ITA has crossed a mark of 3,000 applicants and ITA score has fallen below 460.

Are applicants, interested in becoming the permanent residents of Quebec, can apply for Express Entry?

Quebec has decided to stay away from the Express Entry system. In fact, it has its own immigration programme independent of the Federal Government. Thus, you need to directly apply to the Quebec Government.

Is its mandatory to hire an immigration consultant to get Express Canada Visa?

No, it’s not mandatory to do so though you can consult one at your own sweet will. An agent will only give you an advice that is best in your interest and so increase your success chances.


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