Canada Visa Processing Time–Why It Varies?

Canada Visa Processing

The visa processing time for Canada depends on the type of the visa application submitted. Different visa categories take different processing time, which may vary from six months to one year. On the official website of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you can find the exact processing time period and such information is updated regularly. Let’s discuss about Canada Visa Processing Time.

Canada Visa Processing

Canada Visa Processing

The immigration officers at the IRCC calculate the visa processing time from the day it receives complete application and to the day it approves or disapproves the submitted application. At the time of calculating the total time period, the candidates must also add 10 days extra as delivery time.

Why Canada Visa Processing Time Changes?

Before December 31, 2015, the processing time was displayed regularly by the IRCC. It was most useful when visa application was processed by the nearest visa office from your place of abode. However, using the new facilities, the visa applications can easily be moved around the global network to make sure they are processed efficiently.

For many of the services now you are asked your country of residence instead of the place of abode. This helps you to find more accurate and updated information. The processing time is updated every week.

If the candidate fail to find the record of their visa application online, what to do?

To check the online status, click on the ‘how can I check the status of my application’? For the same, you will not be able check the status of your visa application through the ‘Client Application Status’ unless case processing center or visa office starts processing your visa application. Contacting call center or the Canadian high commission/embassy will be of no use. You must wait till the standard processing period passes.

At times some Canada visa application processing time changes while others remains same, why?

The processing time also depends on the number of the visa applications received. When more visa petitions are submitted the number may jump. But rest assured that your visa application will be worked upon. Many times a visa application is in a queue for interview. They are processed in a systematic order in which they are submitted.

How to check the Canada visa processing time/status?

It clearly depends on the type of visa application you have selected, i.e., online application or paper application.

Online Canada Visa Application

Sign into your official account, and click on ‘view my submitted application or profile and then finally click on the ‘check status and message’.  If you have applied using the eTA, you can check the processing time through the status tool. For the same, you will require a confirmation number send through e-mail.

Paper Canada Visa Application

You can check your Canada visa application status through two different ways:

Use the ‘check application status tool’, updated regularly or create an online account and link your visa application documents to it. Soon after, you can check the real time application status and online message of your visa application status. Though the ‘check your visa status’ is not available for all paper applications.


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